Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Challenge

When I was younger - when the girls were small - we used to camp every summer.. and I loved it!  We started in a tent and graduated to an old style tent trailer (and I thought I was in heaven!) Now we will be in an RV with air conditioning, heat, kitchen with stove and oven and a real fridge!  This is NOT camping -- this is cottage life!! 

When Sir Steve took me to the campsite for the first time -- he gave me a tour.  I paid close attention to how other campers decorated their sites - claimed them as their own.  I noticed a lot of the sites had signs with their site number on and various cute sayings.  Ideas started to formulate in my head.  I  asked if we could have a sign .... Sir Steve said yes .... and then I said with a wicked grin -- can it say "Fairy Tales Happen Here"??? and he burst out laughing.  Yes I could make a sign that declares our love -- in our private code.  

My brain didn't stop there -- ideas kept bubbling up.  When I was there on Tuesday I stood looking at 3 evergreen trees in a group at the edge of our site.  I envisioned a "fairy garden" ...... AND I had the very beginnings of a fairy garden sitting in my cupboard -- a gift from my eldest daughter. When I got home - I pulled it out and it all came together in my head.  I am getting so very excited!!

When I am done -- I am hoping there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that the new girl has arrived!  (cheeky grin)

I have been stewing over how to make a camp sign.  So yesterday I went to our local craft store and picked up some supplies......... I am hoping my crafty side will make something special out of this mess of wood and paint and sealer -- something that will meet with Sir Steve's approval -- and add a touch of love to our campsite!


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  1. How fun!
    I really dislike camping-I much prefer the cottage--but I think maybe I could get on board with the idea of an RV :-)

    Enjoy your decorating!


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