Monday, April 10, 2017

First Date

Sir Steve and I had that promised 'first date' on Saturday evening...... dinner and a movie.

It was fun ya know -- getting all cleaned up - putting on make up -- even stockings and garter belt and heels!  all for Sir Steve.  

I had said that I have never had Japanese food -- would not do sushi though!  Sir Steve chose a wonderful restaurant -- Moon Thai and Japanese Restaurant.

They brought us the menus and told us it was all you can eat off the menu for a set price.  I was thrilled as that meant I could try little bits of all different foods and if I didn't like something I could just select something else.

Sir Steve was happy because he could eat all the sushi he wanted... 

(honestly I do not see what the attraction is to raw fish and seaweed -- ewwww)

I tried all sorts of different dishes -- but declared the Chicken Katsu my absolute favourite!!

Then we headed off to see "Going in Style" 

 On the way to the movie theater I turned to Sir Steve and said " I think I should tell you -- I do NOT kiss on the first date" .. he started laughing and when he had finished I added with a cheeky grin "I do however fuck -- and expect to".

It was a wonderful movie -- we held hands and laughed till our sides hurt.

When the movie ended we left holding hands like young lovers - stopping for a quick kiss ..... then home for some sweet love making.

What a great 'first date' it was !!  And I expect there will be many many more !

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