Friday, April 28, 2017


It's a celebration!! 

Today is the 12th Anniversary of "The Continued Journey (previously known as The Journey).  12 years!!  Honestly I can't believe it.

I have written 3,477 blogs in total -- that's an average of 290 blogs a year -- and god only knows how many words!!  I have 199 followers and over the 12 years 751,936 pages have been viewed.  I have many MANY labels -- but I have the most frequently used ones -- the most viewed ones - listed (alphabetically) on the right side of today's blog.

And as much as I don't often respond to comments -- I love getting them -- the supportive ones, the scolding ones, the loving ones.  They help keep me honest -- and give me perspective on whatever is going on in my life.

I have taken the blog down twice -- after each break up with W.  And it has been down while I was in hospital a few years back -- and for a short while when I was going through the cancer stuff.  BUT I never stayed away for too long.  This blog is MY history.  My thoughts, my feelings, my opinions - always written from the heart and always truthful (in that moment) 

 I have made some good friends on The Continued Journey - people who come every day to visit.  I have actually met some of them in real life! 

My life has been enriched by the Continued Journey in many ways.... and I hope to continue writing for many more years......

Thank you my dear readers for coming here and reading my words... for sharing a moment with me through the good times and the bad.  


Domhnall the Second said...

199 is such an awkward number so I made it an even 200

morningstar said...

@Domhnall the Second

why thank you kind Sir -- 200 has a very nice ring to it :)

Hil said...

Congratulations I've been a follower for quite a few years now. Please keep it up you are inspiring but more importantly you make me smile.

Ana said...

And a big THANK YOU to you Morningstar - I enjoy listening to your thoughts and am always pleased when you write a new entry.

Let's hope there are many more to come yet.

Ana xxx

julie said...

Catching up and have to say well done you for blogging for so long - Amazing and wonderful xxx

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