Thursday, May 12, 2016



I was at a meeting last night of the Bottom/sub Support Group.  It's a discussion group and each month we just ramble along discussing things that interest us - that we are curious about - that we think about.  

Last night the discussion came up about "submission" 

Angel had told me in the car about a poem she wrote on Fetlife based on the "Grinch who stole Christmas" it was inspired - to put it mildly.  The last two lines went

"Maybe submission," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
Maybe submission… perhaps… means a little bit more"

(forgive me Angel for pirating this bit !!)

When it was my turn to speak - I was asked why I don't identify as "submissive" anymore on Fetlife ........

There's no easy answer to that ...... I am still VERY much submissive - inside - in my heart.  BUT it is my belief that if I have no one to serve - and play with Tops - then I am bottom.  THAT does not mean I am not submissive anymore - my submission didn't just pack it's bags and go on an extended holiday.  My submission is still there - and longs to come out......... 


(you knew there was gonna be a BUT right?)

YOU (all you toppy sorts) have to want the submissive to come out... A Dom - in my opinion - is only a word (like bottom) that someone puts on their profile on Fetlife - or tattoos to their forehead.  My submission doesn't honor fake Doms -  my submission is for someone who believes in the strength and the beauty and resilience of submission.  And wants that - seeks that - pulls that out of me - for it is mine to give - and I am ready to give it again.

I am hoping one day someone will want the submissive side of me to come out -  but until then............

I am a bottom.  

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AngelsQuest said...

No forgiveness need or required, I think explaining the submissive part is challenging. Using (stealing) those words from that story seemed to say it all, without trapping the word with an explanation.

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