Monday, May 02, 2016

Sometimes I screw up

Sometimes i screw up - shock shock!! morningstar screws up?? Say it can't be!!

Seriously it's probably my ego that gets me into trouble.
morningstar has an ego - Say it aint so!!!

Sometimes I think my words can explain - or help to explain - some common happening in BDSM........ sorta like my bit on sub drop on Saturday.
(screw up - putting my innermost feelings OUT THERE)

I do frequently read about subs suffering through subdrop - and they sound alone - much like my post did on Saturday - and so I write something from the heart - and put it out there - so anyone can read - and know they aren't the only ones.
(ego - thinking my words might help someone) 

The thing some people don't get is that 1) by the time a piece goes up here -- the angst/confusion/pain/whatever is generally over...... or almost over - and I am fine - moving forward.

I am thinking - after the firestorm from Saturday's writing - that I will take my ego and my emotional writings and keep them to myself........ I DID learn one thing from Saturday's post - I do NOT handle being under a microscope well - AND I don't have any answers!  (well not for anyone BUT me!!)

AND just to clarify - I do NOT do sub drop like that all the time - in fact - most of the time now I don't do sub drop at all........

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Hil said...

Morningstar I don't do sub drop often either but when I do it happens big time. Don't let others negative thought or comments put you off being honest and telling it like it is. Hugs. Oh and I like your sassy, screwing up & emotional ego!

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