Tuesday, May 24, 2016


On Sunday Angel and I were sitting on my balcony discussing the kink community and  fat shaming, skinny shaming, sex shaming any and all forms of shaming.

You know what really gets me going - age shaming.  I have reached a glorious NUMBER that makes me - in some people's opinion - OLD.  I think I was gob smacked the first time, a few years ago, when someone made a crack about my age.  BUT as the years pass, I am hearing it more and more - that I am old.  It isn't even a statement of fact - I might be able to tolerate that - it feels more like a put down.

It has been insinuated that I am too OLD to play - too OLD to serve - just plain TOO OLD.

On Sunday I asked Angel how many people we know in the lifestyle over the age of 60...... there seems to be some magic to that number.  Honestly we could only think of a handful.  I wondered out loud if all the cracks about being old had just worn them down..... and they had "disappeared".   And it bothered me.  Are people just expecting me to "disappear"??? 

I don't know (see me shrugging) I guess I always thought maturity and experience counted for something.  Perhaps I was wrong.  And let's get one thing straight - maturity and experience does not always come with a NUMBER!  But I like to think in my case it does.  

So....if you're looking for me - I won't be "disappearing" any time soon.... I'll just be sitting over here with my attitude, quietly watching the asses make asses of themselves... watching the same discussions come up over and over again... watching the same advise go swirling past.. watching the dramas develop and unfold ....watching "summer reruns" over and over again.  Waiting for folks to grow up.


abby said...

I am in the over 60 age group...and i have never had more fun...we are a force..we have survived..
hugs abby

Lea said...

I am halfway to 60... but I didn't even consider your age. Based on your posts I think I mentally assumed you were in your 40's... but there IS something to be said for experience.

I sometimes find myself making certain assumptions about people... older, younger, fit, not fit, etc... many times I am wrong. It is something I am working on - to not judge.

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