Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dipping my Toe Back In

Last night I went to Kink 6 here in Kingston.  After 3 years here I finally managed to go.  Mini me and I made the plan - bought our tickets  - had our "wtf are we doing" moments and went.

What fun we had.  It was held in a beautiful conference center - all monies collected went to Aids work.  

but I am jumping ahead of myself.  I was looking forward to finally having somewhere to wear one of my corsets.  I had it in my mind to wear my black leather corset.  I figured now I had lost some weight it would probably fit. Yesterday afternoon I pulled all the corsets out and tried on the leather one. I had to lace it up as tight as it would go - and still it was way too big on me!!  I could almost slide it off over my head!!!  I guess I hadn't realized how much weight I had lost !!

I finally settled on my "newspaper" corset - even though it is getting big on me I was able to get one more affair out of it. I wore a long black skirt and knee high black suede boots.  Mini me wore a hot lil skirt with top and knee high leather boots.  Off we went.......

It was a night of sense and sound (OHHHHHH the sound -  loud louder loudest music!!  I must be getting old ) Downstairs there were flogging demos, hot wax demos - upstairs there was bondage galore - boot blacking - and pony play - and MUSIC !!

One of the Tops demonstrating flogging is someone I was interested in "trying out "  (yeah yeah I know - the demos were meant to let newbies experience the sensations from certain forms of play - but in my case - I wanted to experience new Tops - cheeky grin)  So I climbed up on the spanking bench - lifted my skirt up over my head and wiggled my ass.  She leaned down immediately and whispered in my ear "you do realize I can't scare the audience right?"  I had a nice sensual spanking - with a promise for a "session" some other time (marking that down on my dance card)

 Mini me had been talking and talking AND talking about visiting / experiencing the boot blacking booth.  Later in the evening we both made our way to the boot blacking booth and I watched as she had her knee high boots done.  It was something she had been lusting over.  Not me so much - but I did agree to let him brush down my suede boots.... best part was I got a mini leg foot massage - and oh my god it felt heavenly - my feet were killing me.

I guess we got home around 1 am and sat for another hour talking about the folks we had seen - the different fetishes - just rehashing the evening......... 

What a fun night it turned out to be....... mostly because of the great company!! 

and if anyone is interested - here's a pic of me just before we left 




Downunder Don said...

Hi Morningstar,
I am so happy for you that you had a great time dipping your toe back into those turbulent waters.

AngelsQuest said...

Was I lusting? Lol. I wanted to experience what is was, too see why our boot black friend found such pleasure in it. Now you could say I lust for it, 'cause it was an incredible experience.

I really enjoyed the whole night but realized there was much that I didn't wander around to see. Might have to go again next year.

mini me

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