Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Change YUCK!

By now we all know how much I HATE change!!

BUT this changing of the clocks really throws me for a loop....... even today 3rd day into this latest time change - I was awake at 4:45 which my body says is 5:45 and what the hell is my problem - get up get up get up!!

I don't feel like eating at regular meal times....... and my cat Miss Ashes is gonna drive me crazy!!  she starts at 4:30 pm trying to convince me it MUST be supper time - then at 8:30 starts telling me it's bedtime.......... 

This morning I made myself stay in bed till 6:00 am - but now I have a headache (I do not do lying in bed well ) 

Why oh why can't I just accept changes and move on ??? It's bloody frustrating!


AngelsQuest said...

I tired to leave this message yesterday but my phone wouldn't let me...grr

When I read this? My thought was...someone needs a spanking lol.

morningstar said...

AngelsQuest - oh yeah??? who - me or miss ashes?? LOL

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