Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gratuitous Sex -- OR -- How I am tired of being politically correct!

Yesterday I wrote a little piece on adjusting to life alone - at the end I put in a piece about masturbating... because - I am fucking horny!!!  

Anyway - it seems I am not alone in my desires........ last night I stumbled across a quick note on Fetlife written by a female claiming she was horny and writing a rather descriptive  piece about the way she would love to have these desires run out....... I read it nodding.......... maybe cause I totally identified with her dreams/desires of feeling his hands digging into her hips - feeling him thrusting deep into her - hard - over and over - till they both fell exhausted onto the bed. 

Normally having read something like that - something that got my heart pounding and my desires fired up - I would just click and move on - but for some reason last night I read some of the comments. 

What is wrong with people??!!!

The first comment I read chastised her for writing a piece that would bring the creeps out of the woodwork.......... just a bit further along there was a comment asking what would have happened if a male had written such a piece and wouldn't we all be yelling "creep"   

I stopped dead in my tracks.......... why don't I think that way??!!  I tend to write from the heart and what spills out onto the paper (so to speak) is rarely censored - and rarely do I think about political correctness (for lack of a better term)  What is wrong with people??!!  Can't we just have these sexy desires /needs/ wants and voice them??? Hell when I was growing up - one did NOT express any sort of sexual desire - at least not the way I was brought up (and yeah it was in the 60's and so that doesn't make much sense - but as I said - it was the way I was brought up)  I think it's wonderful that we (being humans not just female humans) can express our honest true feelings -- why must we be criticized for being honest??!!

These comments are one of the reasons I feel so much more comfortable writing here on The Continued Journey - versus Fetlife - people seem more accepting that come here - seem to mind their manners.  Oh they may think the things I read on Fetlife - but they don't voice them - they respect my right to say what is in my heart/mind.

So yeah - I am gonna say it - loud and proud - I dream about / desire having a male fuck me over and over - nails digging into my hips - orgasm after orgasm - till we both fall exhausted onto the bed...... sounds bloody good to me after nearly a 15 year drought !!!


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Ordalie said...

I feel the same, vibrators are but pale substitute

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