Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bouncing Ball

Haven't done a bouncing ball post in a long time.... but I just have a little bit of this and a little bit of that to share this morning.......... nothing terribly substantial............ 


following the bouncing ball.............. 

the other day I wrote a bit on work - and how stupid I felt cause I couldn't get the pretty little clicks to work - after my "pity party" I decided to work at it again - till I either got it - or died trying.  Needless to say I got it!!  I was delighted - I'm not dumb .. dumber.. dumbest... I got it!!!  so now I am whizzing (well whizzing for me) through my new project making pretty lil clickable slides that one day will be an elearning for some company................. but most importantly proving you CAN teach an old dog new tricks - cheeky grin


I live in the world's quietest apartment !!  It helps that most of the residents are over 50... but the other morning I heard this horrendous noise (around 5am) I jumped awake.  It sounded like my walls were imploding... it didn't last long but scared me enough I was up and checking (which meant any hope I had of going back to sleep was gone) I only heard it that once, couldn't find the source and then the quiet descended.
Yesterday morning it happened again.  MY GOD!  I hate being awakened out of sound sleep with images of my apartment blowing up in my head.  But that's exactly what it sounds like.  The only thing I can figure -- cause yesterday I did get to listen a little longer and with more rationale thinking than before -- and I am wondering if someone close to me is having a shower and their pipes are shaking rattling and rolling.  Now if that is it -- wouldn't they hear the sound from their side ??? Wouldn't it make them jump too??? Wouldn't you think they would contact the building manager?? It's not normal to have pipes rattling and banging is it??


OH and I know what else happened that I haven't shared.  I wanted an area rug for my living room -- but the in store area rugs are all smallish (5x8) and I really wanted a 10x7 rug with a splash of colour seeing as most of my furniture is brown or shades of beige... one of our hardware stores had a rug on line that looked like it would definitely fit the bill.  It was 10 x 7 and was brown / beige /rusty red with geometric shapes and squiggles.  So I ordered it -- back in August -- basically sight unseen.  I HATE not seeing something up close and personal - touching it -- walking on it (in this case cause it was a rug)  I was told it wouldn't be shipped till Sept 15th!!!  I had to wait a whole month!!!  AND then they billed my credit card immediately ........ I was worried.  On the 15th I checked the tracking -- nothing ............ on the 18th I checked the tracking -- it was on the truck -- YAY!! and a couple of hours later the doorbell rang!  My rug had arrived.  Eldest daughter was still here - thank god and helped me open it and get it laid out - who knew 10x7 was SO big!!??  or that the furniture was so heavy....... anyway the rug was laid (and other than the smell which was AWFUL!)  It looked great in the space.. and did exactly what I wanted it to -- add a pop of colour to the room...............


Tonight I am heading off to an "educational event" (BDSM education of course) I am not too sure how it happened but I was appointed a group leader to this FetLife/real time group.  Tonight's theme is "Tricks, Toys and Pervertables" (at least I think that's the title)  I have pulled some inexpensive pervertables out -- but couldn't resist bringing my knives and tack paddle -- le sigh -- may scare some newbies but hey that can be fun too........ ummm maybe I should bring my tack bra (thanks to kaya of under his hand who started this trend and then taught me how to make one )  

And tomorrow night I have a munch to head out to........ back on Saturday and then Sunday off to Montreal for the middle grandson's birthday party.

I am gonna need a nap on Monday  .............. 

And I do believe the bouncing ball has stopped bouncing ...............


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