Friday, July 04, 2014

This 'n That - not much of anything

First of all I want to wish all my readers who live south of the border a 
HAPPY JULY 4th!!  

We are spending the day waiting for the clean up crew - for the flooded basement - to return and either remove all their drying equipment or leave it for the weekend..... le sigh.  Poor W is up to his eye teeth in paper work with the Insurance company.......... 

Tonight we have a munch to attend here in Kingston - to be honest my favourite munch of all the munches.  And afterwards we are gonna take a walk to the Beaver Tail food truck and have dessert probably with most of the munch crew......

Yesterday it rained here.......... yeah I know I don't normally give weather forecasts - but there is a reason.  Late in the afternoon when the insurance adjustor was sitting with W doing all that paper work..... I was outside having a smoke (yeah yeah I know - still haven't managed to fully quit).... and my eyes were drawn to my neighbour's bush and the water droplets on the leaves.  I couldn't resist!  So I grabbed my camera and did some work with the macro lens ............ Here's some of the best shots........

day 52 of 365


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