Monday, July 07, 2014

Over the bounding main

day 54 of 365

On the spur of the moment - prompted by a phone call from close friends - W and I took off Saturday afternoon and went on a 3 hour boat trip - and no we didn't get shipwrecked with the Professor and Mary-Ann. (ummmmmmm how many of you remember THAT TV show?? )

It was a glorious hot day - lots of sunshine - but out on the water the sea breezes blew and we hardly noticed the heat.  AND because most of the ship was glassed in - you didn't even have to be in the sun!  that pleased W and our friends........ but I escaped for a little bit - top side - to bask in the sunshine and shoot some photographs .........

We toured some of the islands in the 1000 Islands - where the rich and famous have summer homes. (W and I plan to take the main boat cruise of the 1000 Islands and Boldt Castle later this summer.  Now that cruise really does show case the wealthy summer homes)

Here are some of my favourite shots...............

one of the Fort towers (there are 9 of them I believe along the coast line) to protect us from the invading Americans 

This 'cottage' was built in the 1800's.  The owner was an admirer of Napoleon and had the cottage designed to look like Napoleon's hat.  Can you imagine??!!  It was also the first cottage to have electric lights. 

 Some of the islands are too small to build on........ this island has a houseboat (top left corner) to live on - and the island is their entertainment area - complete with gazebo. 

There were lots of boats out on the water on Saturday - and one of them was towing a canoe - we watched as waves tugged and flipped the canoe until the tow rope broke........ and the canoe was filling up with water fast.  We didn't see if they actually rescued it before it met a watery death.............

And the rest are just shots that caught my eye................ 

and last but certainly not least the man I call "Sir" 


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