Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Off the Bucket List

I hinted in yesterday's blog that because of rain showers we decided to take the kids to play indoor 3D mini putt and a couple of games of Laser Tag.

The kids were pretty loud and kinetic by the time we left the house after lunch (time to check their sugar intake me thinks) BUT we were heading off to burn off all that energy so I wasn't terribly worried.

day 60 of 365

 The mini putt was fun - though a bit rushed for my liking......... yeah yeah we weren't playing the Masters - but as the middle child had never played I would have liked a little time to explain/show how to hit a golf ball - like .............. it isn't a hockey puck that you have to hit as hard as you can to get it in the goal!!  oh well like I said 'it wasn't the Masters and he didn't manage to kill anyone so all's good!! 

We couldn't take pictures in the laser tag section.  It too was played under black light - with lots of strobe type lights added.  It was a maze with holes cut out of walls and stairs to perches......... needless to say "grandma" didn't do very well...,. I kept saying the kids didn't play fair as they spotted the "weak link" and followed me around and before I could get a shot off they killed me - each and every time (OH and I don't mean MY kids - they were on our team!!  LOL)

And as W said at the end "one more thing to take off my bucket list - AND - laser tag wasn't even on it!!"

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