Monday, July 21, 2014

Momentary Fantasy

We were driving home late Friday afternoon and my body was slowly unwinding from a week of (truthfully) sensory over load.  Those moments - when the mind and body are exhausted and drifting are the best moments for me to have fantasies....... uninhibited free flowing fantasies.

We had just driven by "Domville" (I have written about this small town on the 401 before)  My mind just headed off down it's own path............ 

And there I was - in extreme servitude  in the house.  W had rigged up ropes and they were attached to my ankle - so that no matter where I went in the house I was always attached...... a tug on the rope would bring me back to kneel at his feet...... I was naked and humiliated and very aroused.

I could see myself heading up to the kitchen to make dinner - feel the rope around my right ankle being tugged hard - feel the sexual current run through my body - saw myself turning around - going back down the stairs to W ... saw my naked self kneel at his feet........ felt his hand in my hair pulling my head back - stretching my neck ....... felt his teeth bite me - felt his hands turn me around....... push my head down into the carpet................. 

Yup - it was quite a fantasy............... but I learned a long time ago - fantasies - for the most part - do not translate into real life.  But it was a nice little erotic dream like movie to pass the time in the car.  

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