Thursday, July 03, 2014

"Gonna get the spoon"

 Remember those words??? "I am going to get THE spoon"  My mom used to say that to my brother - honestly I don't think she ever threatened the spoon with me - truthfully (and don't choke) I was this meek and mild child who never broke the rules.  But she sure did use it with my brother.  Not that she ever actually GOT the spoon - at worst she would rattle the drawer it was in and everyone would head for the hills - including the dog.

I never thought the day would come when THE spoon would be used  on me!!  However W has found it easier to grab what is at hand and often times it is THE spoon.... a big white plastic spoon that has one helluva sting to it!

This morning while I was making my breakfast, W came into the kitchen and asked "what's happening" (or something like that) ............. and the brat answered "nothing's happening - absolutely nothing" (answered with a cheeky grin so we both know I am playing) 

Out came THE spoon and I am laughing and dancing around, making excuses why this just isn't a good time for THE spoon....... like putting all the dinner plates away from the dishwasher while my toast toasts.  Think that would EVER deter W?? not bloody likely. 

Whack Whack Whack - and good lord I am doing the subbie dance cause that thing stings... with a capital 'S' !!  And then like always - when we are playing and laughing and just enjoying the moment.... nightie up around my head - ass stuck out - my lower belly tingles - then starts to tighten and vibrate - and get all hot and bothered....... and before you know it - my body is shuddering and the muscles relax and my knees buckle.............. 

Sure gives a whole new meaning to "Gonna get the spoon"

day 51 of 365


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