Tuesday, May 27, 2014


W went to Montreal for the day yesterday and I decided I was not going to lock myself up in the house and do chores.  

I loaded up the car with camera equipment and - believe it or not - a list of abandoned buildings in and around Kingston and headed off.

Now you have to understand how much gumption that took.  I have wanted to do this but have been nervous about trespassing on other people's property.  BUT for whatever reason I decided to test the waters (and my nerves)

I had an amazing day!!  Lots of fun and loads of pictures (not of them all good but that's another story) 

I have enough stories to tell for a least a week full of blogs........... but unfortunately this morning I am rushing as I have to have my car at the garage in under an hour....... but I promise lots of stories for the rest of the week

BUT - day 17 of the 365 is special!!  I got to cross one more thing off my "bucket list" 

It wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be - based on all the tv characters who sit around perched on desks eating food from cardboard boxes - BUT HEY!! - it was on my bucket list and it is now done!

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