Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not much......

Haven't got a whole lot of news today ............. We went to house sit for our friend while she was at her dad's funeral.  Her parents live way out in the country on acres of land! All I kept thinking was - what a lot of grass to cut!!!  (and snow to shovel in the winter!!)  But there was a quiet peace standing out on the deck looking over flat farm fields listening to the birds singing.....

Of course I took some arty farty pictures - and thanks to W can actually share with them with you.  See I managed to leave my memory card for the camera in my pc - ooooooooops!!  So W loaned me the card from his camera.... cause I just know how disappointed you all would have been if you couldn't see my pictures (cheeky grin)



anyone want to venture a guess what this "out" building is??

Then when we got home we headed out to a munch - where I had an artery blocking poutine called Chicken Fajita poutine................ it involved a mess of french fries, gravy, cheese curds, salsa, onions, chicken and sour cream - absolutely to die for (literally and figuratively!!)

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Sharon S said...

Loved the pictures and thank you W for being prepared. W, you made me think of the Boy Scouts, always ready. When I visited Canada, year before last, I had poutine. You are correct, it can block you up for sure. Have a great evening!
Hugs, Sharon

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