Monday, April 21, 2014

Another Monday??!!!

Yup it's Monday again........ boy time flies when you're having fun 

We had a good weekend - went to a munch on Saturday night - terrible food but good company and the company is more important than the food (or so we keep telling ourselves at munches)

Kingston shuts down completely over any and all holidays - including the bus service - which drives W nuts.  The city will hold all these free family events - but unless you drive you can't get to them.  (fortunately we drive - cheeky grin)

On Sunday we went downtown to an art gallery.  They were holding an exhibition of works by local photographers.  One of the exhibitors is a friend of ours.  W took an artsy fartsy photo of us ( I left my camera at home - wasn't sure I could take pics of pics in a gallery - I'll know for next time)

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyy if you look close you can make out the photograph ( redish birds flying across a blue horizon,  You think *I* am arty farty this photographer has me beat hands down!!) You can sorta/kinda make out W and I in the reflection and the rest of the gallery in the reflection.......... a lot to see crammed into one little pic :) :)

No Easter chocolate in this house - but I did make a special dinner last night for W and myself - barbequed steak (first barbeque of the season) with baked potatoes and  veggies.  Not exactly your traditional Easter dinner - but then we're not exactly very traditional folks (cheeky grin)

Hope you all had a good Easter - traditional or otherwise,


saffy said...

glad you had a good holiday

AtiyaLuv said...

GOOOOOD Morning!
Hope all is well!!
Nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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