Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Moment in Time (or two)

Sitting in the waiting area - divided into four corners - sick folks in each corner - waiting for their moment - their turn in the operating room.  W standing tall in front of me............ 

Then he came for me - for the long walk down the hall to my operating room  - it was my turn.  I stood up - gathering the blanket around me - fear rippling through my body making it shake - and I threw myself into W's arms - tears over flowing - and he held me close - he may have whispered in my ear - but all I know is that his strength flowed into my body and I felt safe


3:00 am - the clock was flashing 3:00 am - their good drugs had worn off and my body was engulfed in pain - blinding pain.  I stumbled to the bathroom in the darkness of the night and the pain............ bright red blood flowed - the pain stabbed and made me gasp 

I stumbled back to bed - curled up in a ball - knees to my chest - my back to W - the pain clawing at my insides - 

And then his hand - gently, tenderly rubbing my back - and his strength flowed back into my body and my eyes closed and I drifted back off to sleep - knowing he was there - he was loving the pain away............. 



Sharon S said...

Such a beautiful and precious experience, thank you for sharing it. Much love to you and W.

saffy said...

Hugs, this made me cry for you, i was so glad that your One is there with you, sharing His strength and energy.Much love to you both, i have placed you on my reiki healing grid in love and light, and hope that the pain soon is bannished

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