Saturday, June 01, 2013

Just a Quickie -

This is just a final update on the sale of the lil townhouse..............

W came down yesterday morning - to take me to the notary appointment (cause I had a minor panic attack about finding the notary's office AND finding parking - as parking is at a premium here) 

We arrived at 1:20  the appointment was for 1:30 the notary finally took us all at 1:45!!  

Part of my nerves were due to the fact there are 3 - count 'em THREE - lawsuits against the association - and I have heard that other sellers have had to put money into a trust fund till the court cases are resolved.  (and we all know that could take YEARS!)

The buyers of my lil townhouse picked a really good (tongue in cheek) notary - he didn't find the lawsuits.  So - lucky me - by 2:20 all the documents were signed - keys given over and W and I were on the road to Kingston.............. finished done complete!!

 Hakuna Matata!!


Ordalie said...

What association? I don't remember you ever mentioning that!

morningstar said...


it is a townhouse association - i believe it is a law here when you have townhouses that you must have a committee to handle the large projects - like snow removal - landscaping - etc. It also helps to keep the whole "village" looking manicured.

Sue said...


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