Friday, June 14, 2013

Big Excitement

Wow - what an exciting day I had yesterday - I am surprised my heart could handle all that excitement!

Wanna know what happened ?? huh huh?? do ya??

I got my eyes checked - exciting right?? (cheeky grin)

and I am going blind - well not really - but I have managed to graduate to thick lens.  

Anywayyyyyyyy I decided if my prescription was gonna cost me THAT much I wanted funky frames to lift my spirits.

The young girl serving me got excited - FUNKY glasses for a grandma!!??  no problem.

The only problem was - when I put the funky glasses on - I felt stupid...........

I am just not a funky kinda girl I guess................ 

So I went from something like this..........................

To something more like this...................... 

ahhhhh well the pair I bought are a bit like the ones on the far left - but in purple - which is a little bit funky right??

I get them next week - hopefully - and then my headaches should ease up - the need to lean into the computer screen and squint should be gone - and I should be able to run up and down the stairs again - and not feel like I am in some sort of fun house.

And that was my exciting Thursday.

(things had better start picking up in the excitement department pretty damn soon - I mean new glasses are the highlight of my week??!!)

1 comment:

Ordalie said...

Morningstar, you haven't been reasonable at all. headaches, leaning into the computer screen, squinting...(sigh).

Purple frames? Why not? Now will they match a, say, green dress?

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