Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Itch Itch Scratch Scratch

Ok - so I woke up this morning with this itchy red rash around my right leg/ankle,  I put some cream on and went to work.
By the time I got to work - the itch was driving me crazy.  So my principal who couldn't stand the scratching for one minute more - sent me to the clinic.  

After 2 hours of waiting with coughs and fevers - the doctor said "allergy" I thought "no shit Sherlock" but smiled sweetly.  He said it was a severe reaction to mosquito bites (which pretty much surround the right ankle)

I casually mentioned that I had just started taking fish collagen capsules and could that be the cause rather than mosquito bites?? Nope - nothing wrong with taking fish collagen - at worse I would have an upset stomach - definitely mosquito bites,

He told me to take some anti-histamines - elevate and ice the leg and come back tomorrow if it gets any worse.  

I HATE anti-histamines - no matter how non-drowsy they are I always land up sleepy.  But I am a good patient (and hate ugly red rashes and itchy scratchy) so I bought the pills he promised wouldn't make me sleepy and went back to work.  

Exactly 35 minutes after taking this non-drowsy pill my eyes felt so heavy I swore I would fall asleep at my desk.  The ice was freezing the ankle right down to the bone - which fortunately numbed the itch,  

One hour after taking the pill my principal told me to go home as I was almost slurring my words and couldn't focus on the figures in front of me.

So home I came and promptly fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours........... non-drowsy right!  I have elevated the leg and iced it till I have frost bite.  The rash doesn't look a whole lot different than it did before I took the non-drowsy pills and started my regime of frost bite............ I can't help but wonder - in the back of my mind - IF it couldn't be a reaction to the fish collagen.  

Personally I think I am gonna put vanity to the side for the next couple of days - stop the collagen pills and see what happens.  

Oh yeah - and I am not gonna take any more of the non-drowsy pills during the day - bedtime sounds like a better plan!!!



Sir said...

Time to start using OFF products so I won't worry about you...


Ordalie said...

What are fish collagen capsules in aid of?

morningstar said...

@ordalie - they are supposed to help replace the collagen lost by the body after menopause.

They are good for nails, hair skin etc. I know eldest daughter (who is not even close to menopause) has seen an amazing (almost overnight) improvement in her dry peeling skin

Penelope said...

It would be highly unlikely for a pill to cause an allergic reaction on your ankle and no where else. If it is anything in the pills, it's probably not the fish collagen, but one of the inactive ingredients. It might be worth checking those.

If nothing else, you could try a hydrocortisone cream. You aren't supposed to put them on anything that has an open wound, but I've used them on mosquito bites. They won't knock you out. (An alternate cream to try would be calamine lotion, but I've found hydrocortisone more effective.) And keep icing.

Anonymous said...

i hope that the rash goes away fast ....w

Ordalie said...

Dry peeling skin? That's me, so thanks for the information!

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