Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Sentiments

Well this past week has been in many ways a tough blow to my self esteem.  I don't like to make mistakes - I don't like to NOT be able to do something - to grasp something.  I most certainly don't like to admit I have done things wrong - made mistakes.

We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and move forward - hopefully not making the same mistakes twice.  I have discovered this week that I haven't exactly learned from previous mistakes.  "Why?" I keep asking myself.  " Why why why??" 

W has been supporting me - pointing out the obvious.  I am not alone in making mistakes - there are safe guards in place (at work) and supposedly when I make mistakes these safe guards are supposed to catch them.  I didn't catch them.. they didn't catch them....... now someone else has to pay the consequences.  And the worst part - it isn't the first time I have made these mistakes.... you'd think I'd learn. 

Then I was looking for some inspirational thought / saying for today's post and came across the pic at the top.  

It made me stop and think.  I am human.  I get distracted and flustered. I am not perfect.  I have my strengths and my weaknesses.  I make mistakes.  Acceptance is the first step forward in correcting behaviours.  

Hopefully tomorrow I will make "better mistakes" ... Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to forgive myself my weaknesses.. my mistakes.  Hopefully I will learn from this.......


Vixen B-Ab said...


saffy said...

leaves you a massive hug... the good thing about mistakes, is that they pass :-) (eventually)

Michael Samadhi said...

Thank you for sharing a beautiful essay.

We are human, mistakes are inevitable. How we deal with the inevitable is more telling than anything else.

My darling Serafina is struggling right now with her desire to strive for perfection, despite knowing it's impossible to grasp.

I'm going to share your words, your post with her, as I believe it has insight. It is the tree she cannot see for the forest which surrounds her.

Serafina Samadhi said...

I share your sentiments exactly. . it grieves me so deeply that I have failed yet again!! I feel completely worthless and willing to banish myself from his presence, knowing that I deserve it.

Unlike many who do well and perhaps even need someone to be angry at them to straighten themselves out, I need only to recognize what I disappointed my Master about to cause me to adjust and do better.

Harsh words make me cower at first and then defend and lash out. Anger makes me cringe and want to hide. As a child my dad would always yell at me while he was beating me.

You captured my sentiments exactly.

BlazngScarlet said...


While you're learning from your "mistakes", take a deep breath and remind yourself how wonderful and amazing you are!
It's important to be honest with yourself, but it's just as important to maintain perspective and realize that you're human.
As you said, acceptance is the first step.
Now, just put one foot in front of the other! =)

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