Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's early morning (again) .......... before the alarm early....... and I am enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day - and the peace and quiet.

I was also thinking how calm I am............. for a change.  It is 4 days until everyone descends on the lil condo for our Christmas Eve celebrations...... and it seems that the preparations are coming along according to schedule.

I keep running through my head the list of To Do's still left to do...........

* wrap eldest daughter's gift
* wrap ex-husband's gift (yes he comes for Christmas and all high holidays)
* wrap a few gifts I have for staff at school
* bake the mini cup cakes
* bake the chocolate / peanut butter brownies (instead of Nanimo squares this year)
* prepare the casseroles (probably Friday night) 
* do one last grocery run - probably today
* get hair cut - definitely today
* ice and decorate the mini cupcakes - the peanut butter chocolate brownies - the Empire biscuits 
* distribute the gifts / cards to staff at school
* wash my one and only "decent" pair of pajamas for pajama day on Thursday
* give the house one last quick clean - 
* remember to charge the battery for the camera!

And that's about it.......... 

Usually I have lists all over the house - post-it notes stuck to the fridge.. the pantry ... the computer - my forehead !!  But not this year.  This year it just seems orderly and organized - all by it's self.  It does help that I seem to have more energy than I have had for many years.......... which is a very good thing.  (like this morning while my coffee was dripping - I cleaned the chicken off the bones for one of my infamous casseroles - chicken I might add - that was cooked last evening when I got home from work)

Yup Christmas is coming - the goose is getting fat - and I may just be ready for it's arrival - for once !


Vixen B-Ab said...

Honey, I would love if you could post some of your casserole recipes as I am forever searching for new ones. Thank you!

Good on you for being ready this year!!!

Mikki said...

Sounds like you are ready to have a good time... and I know we all have a story... but the one thing on your list that I had a quandary about is wrapping your ex-husband's gift... hhmmm... that would be hard to do! ;o)

Glad everything is falling into place! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, we fell in love with Nanimo Bars when visiting BC a few years ago. Have looked for a recipe in the states to no avail. Please if you ever have a sec or two while enjoying your early morning coffee, and can't think of something to blog, put a recipe out. It would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

BlazngScarlet said...

This is the first year I have been so organized and ..... READY!
I think I'll use the same train of thought from now on and keep my holidays more sane!

sarah thorne said...

Glad you're feeling organized this year! I scaled back considerably this year in regards to so much, and I still feel overwhelmed!

Merry Christmas!


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