Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A little secret...

I love Christmas - which is no secret...what is a well kept secret is.. I HATE wrapping Christmas gifts.  I really really do!!!  

Mostly I think because of all the mess.  There are all the rolls of paper, the tape, the ribbons, the scissors.  Then because I never seem to cut the paper just right - there are bits and pieces of trimmed wrapping paper, then as the paper gets used up there are the brown rolls of cardboard that they put the wrapping paper around.. 

Then because I hate wrapping so much I do it on the coffee table (which isn't big enough to wrap anything bigger than chocolate bar on) and try and watch TV while I am doing it..  and then land up with a sore back from bending over ... 

Yesterday I decided to wrap gifts my principal bought for my staff.  (the agreement was she bought 'em - I have to wrap them).  I think I got 3 done when I furiously packed up the scissors and tape and stalked back to my office.  I did mention as I stalked past her office - that I HATED wrapping gifts.  She laughed.. questioned the truth in my statement - cause she knows how much I love Christmas... Then she suggested I get some grade 6 girls to volunteer to do it at lunch.

Have I told you my principal is BRILLIANT???!!!

So come lunch time - I lined up 2 volunteers and the wrapping got underway.  They didn't get it finished but they got more than 3 done !!!  

I am wondering if I can bring them home and get them to wrap all the presents upstairs in the "guest room / library" for me..............


BlazngScarlet said...

Two words:

They are my friend! =)

viemoira said...

Geesh wish my gifts were not for my kids so they could wrap them! :)

Hermione said...

Ever since we started using gift bags, wrapping has been a breeze. Of course, overachiever that I am, I made dozens by hand, cut fabric sewed it together, put in drawstrings, some bags were even lined! I even made three supersize bags for big presents. But those bags will last for years, and now I use (and reuse) paper gift bags and the tissue paper stuffed in to cover up the gift, when the gift is for someone outside our home.


sarah thorne said...

That's what I need to do, have a whole crew helping me with wrapping. I also find it tedious. My mother uses gift bags, but the kids like to rip open the paper!!


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