Saturday, December 17, 2011

Designer Vaginas??!!!

Yup you read that right........ designer vaginas. 

 Last night - late - I was driving home from the staff Christmas party - thinking about anything BUT vaginas - when this talk radio show brought up "designer vaginas".  I almost turned it to another station - but yes yes I admit it - my curiosity got the better of me.  I mean after all they might have meant - the latest in clit jewelry right??? Some new fancy designer jewelry for one's vagina right?? 

But no - that's not what they meant at all.  They meant exactly what they were implying by the title - Designer Vaginas. Women are flocking (ok maybe not flocking - not at the prices they are charging for this plastic surgery) to have their vaginas worked on.... collagen injected into the lips.......nip and tuck on those protruding lips .... tightening of the vaginal walls......... AND......... oh my god this one makes me want to cross my legs and NEVER uncross them............ an $1800 shot of collagen into the G-SPOT for god's sakes !!!!!!! THE G SPOT!!  (and if you are curious - it only lasts for 4 months - then you get to do it all over again)

What in god's name is wrong with our society???!!!  It is bad enough that women spend fortunes each year for face lifts and botox and all manner of procedures so they can look young forever.  BUT now we are worrying about our vaginas????

And why are we worrying about how our vaginas look?? Well according to the experts because of porn.  Yes you heard me right ... P O R N.  Apparently women are watching more porn and wanting their vagina's to look like the vaginas in the porn.  Now I ask you........ how many men are watching porn and running out to find a doctor that will makes his penis look like a porn star???!!! 

What is wrong with us ???!!  We scream foul when we hear of poor female children being mutilated - having their clitorises removed ......... and yet we are running around like chicken's with their heads cut off mutilating our own sex organs all for the sake of some ideal perfection. 

Personally I am quite happy with the way my vagina looks and feels... Kegel exercises work quite nicely to keep those muscles tightened up.. and hells bells - if my G-spot isn't protruding out - see it as a treasure hunt and go looking for it ........ and if my labia are a little big - push them apart and find the joy buried within...... cause I love my vagina just the way it is.........

Oh yeah and before I forget  - if you happen to be in London, England this weekend - there is a "Muff March" with protest signs that say " Keep your mitts off my muff" and "You've put my chuff in a huff".  A march to protest the "pornification of our private parts" 

If you are interested - you can read the full article on designer vaginas here 

 Now I think I will go and start some old fashioned Christmas baking.....and stop thinking about designer vaginas..........


Buffalo said...

Gotta confess. A pretty pussy is a wonder to behold; right along with a shapely ass and gams that stretch all the way - (choose your locale).

Maybe I should run another Pretty Pussy contest.

Serene said...

I see this the same way I see a lot of things. "Go for it." As long as it is their own body that they're messing with when it comes to surgeries and such, I see no problem. People make their own decisions and have to live with the outcome whether it's good or bad. Yeah it's totally unneeded, but if it helps somebody with their self esteem.. helps how they see themselves when they just can't be happy (and have tried) with what they have..then go for it.

Having it done on little girls because of looks though.. that's wrong. Like I said, as long as it's being done to their own bodies they can do what they want. Just like tattoos and piercings and any other number of plastic surgeries. Some are needed yes, I am talking specifically about the unneeded ones here.

If they can afford to it without having to sacrifice must haves, and it would make them happy and feel good.. who am I to judge that?

Mikki said...

I agree completely!! Are you kidding me?? People really do fall off the edge some days!!

Ordalie said...

If that's a photo of your own vagina, no wonder you love it the way it is!
BUT those of us who have the inner lips protruding are not as happy...not that I would run to a designer vagina.

Michael Samadhi said...

I really wish women didn't feel the need to do this.

I'm a man who loves pussy. I've never been a swinger, but my 2nd wife and I were poly. She was bi, so we had some wonderful lady lovers who shared our lives. I've seen, felt, licked, sucked, tongued, and loved my share, and I dearly love the fact that they aren't all the same.

I believe pussies are as individual as a fingerprints. I really do believe in the "pussies as flowers" metaphor. The grass isn't always greener, and wanting to be a "lily" instead of an "orchid" is kind of silly in my eyes.

Just as silly as you might view men who have their penises altered. extended, enhanced.

But hold on, I mean what guy would want to be a porn star?

I'd like to expand that topic, if you'll excuse my pun.

Not to be too crude, but I'm over 7" and under 8" in length, somewhere in the 1.5" diameter range. Most of my lovers have told me the size is ideal, but I'm guessing that only seriously deficient men would hear complaint.

Will the ladies considering labial surgery seriously tell me if they think I should get my cock enhanced to make me "porn worthy"?

A lot of the most popular dildos and vibrators are similar in size to myself, but there are plenty that are much much larger too. Maybe I should long to be hung like John Holmes?

In other words, I have a workman's tool that's great for getting the job done. But I also know there are a LOT of men who are better endowed. Should I envy those other guys?

My cock's not one that's going to be featured in porn. Workman's dicks don't make good porn. To make the big screen, it's just not enough to be average or a bit better.

Porn cocks's are like charismatic mega-fauna you encounter in National Parks. Porn cocks are like the Elk and Bison and Bears tourists come to see. They really stand out from the crowd, if you'll again excuse the pun.

Well, That ain't me . . .

If I wanted to be a porn star, my cock would be a limitation, a liability. But in real life, in terms of what most women desire, it serves me well.

But I can't help wondering . . .

Should I be desirous of a cock worthy of cinema? Should I chase dangerous surgical procedure in hope that my cock might look slightly more impressive?

I mean working as a writer-advocate is my real profession, it's very rewarding, I help a lot of folks. But it's not porn, if ya know what I mean. My clients ain't getting "nakid", it's probably better that way for most of them, but for God's sake I'm reduced to going home to my slave wife to get my rocks off.

Wouldn't a career as a cocksman be more fulfilling?

Now another thing . . .

I'm not african-american, but I know some women get really hot for big black dick, maybe I should get me one of those?

What do you think?

I know there are better places for it to be pushed, but for now I'll just stick the old tongue squarely in my cheek . . .

Michael Samadhi

viemoira said...

Dear Lord...

Everyone is looking for a friggen miracle cure! :/


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