Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Christmas Bee

I was the busy Christmas bee this weekend... 

I was up at the crack of dawn Saturday - stripped the bed linens, grabbed the laundry and headed downstairs.  

I threw the first load of laundry in and then got started on the magical chore of turning a cupboard full of baking ingredients into Christmas treats.  

I had bought a cookie mold tray (sort of like a cookie sheet only there are 12 molds that form the sheet) and was anxious to see if it would turn basic boring sugar cookies into some magical sugar Christmas cookies.  The first dozen cookies would not come out.. i coaxed - I trimmed - I tried sliding a knife under them to lift them - I swore.  They came out finally in pieces - more crumbs than pieces really.  I sprayed the mold / tray a second time with Pam - and even lightly dusted it with flour........ this time I managed to salvage 4 cookies - the rest were crumby pieces.

I was determined to make molded sugar cookies - so I opened the recipe book to make another batch of dough.  This time I noticed the small print at the bottom - "for cut out cookies"  It couldn't hurt right?? so I followed the directions for cut out cookies......... and this time they popped out beautifully!!  YAY

Oh I should mention while the cookies were baking I ran up and down the stairs doing 2 loads of laundry ....... 

Once the sugar cookies were done I started in on a new recipe for chocolate covered cherry cookies.,  oh my god what a lot of work !!!  and a lot of dirty dishes!!  First I made the chocolate batter - then rolled it into 48 balls - then made thumb prints in the center of each ball - then pressed a cherry into the indentations (cherries that had been draining in the colander).  Then I made a glaze in a pot - with chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and cherry juice.  Then the glaze was spooned over the cherries and the whole batch was put in the oven to cook.  

While they were cooking I dragged the vacuum out and vacuumed the rugs and swept the floors and ran a duster.  

Once the cookie mess was cleaned up I quickly whipped together a casserole for supper.  


I ran upstairs and got cleaned up and was just getting dressed when W walked through the door ... it was 12:30!!!  We headed off to a lunch munch and spent the afternoon laughing and visiting with kinky friends.

Sunday morning I made W eggs and bacon for breakfast.  While I was cleaning up after breakfast - W came in and gave me the most wonderful hand spanking - with me leaning over the kitchen sink.  I thought I could definitely get used to that... hand spankings are so damn erotic - the connection I feel to W during a hand spanking is hard to describe.  His hand - HIS hand - is giving me the delicious pain I crave..... it brings me closer to him somehow..... (compared to his whipping me or caning me or flogging me - then the instrument gives the pain - yeah yeah I know W is wielding the instrument - it is hard to explain) 

Then W headed off to try and find a Coke neck tie to wear to Charlie's funeral (Charlie was a huge Coke fan) and I settled down to write Christmas cards to friends and staff, put the jam in the middle of the Empire biscuits, and later to snuggle down to have a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Four and half more days and I am on Christmas break.  Lots to do in the next 4 1/2 days - finish off the Christmas baking - cook the meats for the casseroles for Christmas Eve dinner - do the last minute grocery shopping........... and then sail on into the holidays!!!


Kat said...

Way to go!!
you sure did get a lot of things done. . . feels good. . .don-it?

Serafina Samadhi said...

Way to go!! what a lot of things accomplished!!. . feel good don-it?

Anonymous said...

WOW! reading your blog made me soooo tired! Not much of a baker well let's be honest not all that into cooking period. What a bundle of energy you are.
Just stumbled upon it via the Heron Clan site. Enjoyable reading thus far.

sarah thorne said...

Busy busy! Funny how quickly a mess can be made in the kitchen just baking a few cookies. ;)

Happy Holidays!


viemoira said...

I LOVE Chocolate covered cherries- I must learn to make them!

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