Monday, December 12, 2011

Accentuate the positive

What a weekend we had !!!  Well Saturday really........... 

We had a Kinky Christmas party to go to........ but were meeting friends from out of town first for dinner.  They were celebrating their second anniversary and I personally felt quite honoured that they asked us to join them.

After dinner we all piled back to W's house to change for the party... i wore my black and white corset with black thigh highs, black boots ........ and to top it all off a Santa Coat (hey - it was a christmas party!!!)

The party was HUGE !!!  close to 200 people were expected... there was a line up at the door (there's never a line up at the door!!!!) Fortunately it is quite a large venue (it's a renovated garage) .. Everyone was in a festive mood and lots of folks had added festive touches to their usual fet wear.  It started out so much fun !!!

W grabbed the toy bag shortly after we arrived and directed me to the stocks.  I was really UP for this session... I was ready willing and more than able.  W was using the circus whip to warm me up (yeah yeah a whip for warm up - what can I tell you??!!!) When suddenly it stopped.  I looked over my shoulder to see this narcissistic wannabe standing - deliberately - between W and my ass.  I couldn't hear what she was saying.. but she was laughing and wiggling her ass and fluttering her eyelashes.  I told her I wasn't amused and turned my back on her before she could say anything.

So W went back to whipping my ass.. I was right back into it..... mind centered - ass out.. yup yup yup it felt great !!!!  I had had 2 orgasms and we had been playing for about 20 minutes I guess... when suddenly this wannabe was literally in my face.  Her hand stroked my cheek to bring my focus to her and she said "are you mad at me??" with more fluttering of eyelashes and a whining tone that said "what did i DO??"  I lifted my eyes for 30 seconds - wanted to scratch her eyes out - but said "fuck you" and dropped my head and tried to find the fairies that were dancing just off to the side waiting for me... 

The gorean whip came out... i was in my rhythm - rocking  back and forth meeting each hit.. welcoming each hit... when I heard (like a shot from a gun ) this voice say "Camera - where's your camera??" I looked back to see a 'dominant' asking Warren for his camera so he could take pictures of a suspension that was going on...... 

I couldn't believe it !!!

W had  brought his camera because he had previously arranged with a submissive to document her suspension scene - with permission from the organiser of the party - if anyone is interested.  

W picked up the gorean whip again and started again on my ass... but my fairies had vanished in a puff of smoke.. the strikes from the gorean whip weren't even registering - on my body or my mind.  Five minutes later W said "it isn't working is it??" and I said stop - it's not gonna happen

I was angry and W and i talked and talked and I let my anger out - and he hugged me and held me close and i wept a few angry tears... Then the Dom who borrowed the camera tried to speak to me.. tried to apologize - and my answer was filled with anger "Do NOT try and talk to me now.. don't do it!!"  

I pulled my Santa coat on and went outside to have a smoke and walk off my anger.  A couple of folks came to find me.. and when I re-entered the club more than one person said they were going to give the Dom a piece of their mind.  I didn't really hear them or care.. 

The times have changed - there is little if any respect these days for those of us who actually play.  

On Sunday morning the Dom who interrupted our scene (and should have known better - hell wanna know the best one - he DM's for large special events for god's sakes!!) wrote me an apology.  A back handed apology.  He accused us of taking up "prime real estate" for our scene ........ shrug.. we played on a play station set up by the owner.. shrug.. prime real estate?? not really - there was loads of space to walk around us.. AND he pointed out to me he hadn't intended on breaking our scene - after all he waited a whole minute till W turned to take another toy out of the bag before asking for the camera...   I would like to have him on the receiving end of the gorean whip for just 10 minutes.. and maybe then he would understand the concentration needed - the focus - the bond between W and I to make it work..........

Despite an extremely bad experience - I still managed to salvage the evening by visiting with more good friends.. laughing and talking... and cherishing the moments I did have with W.,  W took some wonderful pictures of the planned suspension scene... and we headed home.

Snuggling in bed later I felt warm and fuzzy - and contented.  I am not sure there are any events safe to play at anymore.. but .. shrug... maybe we can find a way .. if not we can always play at home.. and socialize like all the other S/M wannabes at the parties... 

Accentuate the positive - 
Eliminate the negative 
And latch on to the affirmatives............ 


Vixen B-Ab said...

What an idiot

This is one of the reasons I don't play in public

drakor66 said...

wonder why i refrain from public pla? Etiquette has left the lifestyle and there are no common rules they are all busy making sure their dress is ashionable or their flogging method is beyond reproach. Never mind if the flogging is working just gotta look good.

BlazngScarlet said...

OMG! I can't believe he interrupted y'all like that!
I'm so very sorry the fairies flew away :(

However, I ADORE the picture of you & W! :D

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately im the 2nd idiot that she is referring to. i asked the person that was about to be suspended if anyone was talking her picture and she said that sir was so when she was suspended and sir didnt show up i went over to scene and waited till he changed whips before asking for the camera. figuring i could take the pics and he could continue his scene. I should have known better.

in the old days parties were much smaller in size had the mx party have had 50 people instead of 200 etiquette would have been easier. in such a large crowd people have tunnel vision and cant see whats beyond the next person. also, people dont realize that they are interrupting by saying hello or goodbye will break a scene. before the internet newbies were escorted with a partner and explained the rules. now with the internet anyone can show up and they simply dont read about party etiquette or just dont realize it.

as a dom playing in the new scene i get this all time including several interruptions to my scenes on saturday. from both new and experienced players alike. the times they are a changing so you learn to adapt and get back into the scene and put your game face on. yes its easier for a dom to get back into the scene then it is for a sub i agree.

seems i ruined your evening and the next day as your posting on FL and this blog took time as well. again, im sorry about this. i think in the future it could help to have it in the back of your mind that people will interrupt and distract you. either that or find a way to educate everyone that attends a public play party about etiquette. unfortunately if you cant do this then you will have to refrain from public parties and we would certainly miss you

swan said...

I am sorry to hear of the multiple interruptions. We haven't been out in public in a very long while, and we always have the advantage of our T who acts as our own private DM and guardian of the space. I'd defy anyone to break our scene with her on patrol... Wouldn't be pretty. As for the "back handed" apology -- seems the culprit still doesn't really get it, as evidenced by comments left here for all to see. Good grief! I am just glad you managed to salvage some of the evening, and I love the picture.

hugs, swan

viemoira said...

Ek 200 :(
That would have been enough to put me on edge right there.

I like your santa coat!! :)

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