Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday morning delight

Sundays are quite truthfully a 'day of rest' for W and I.  The routine is quite simple - after breakfast we curl up in the living room and watch the Sunday Morning News show.  

As it was finishing up I asked W if he would like another cup of coffee.  His answer was "I was just thinking - another coffee OR another beating OR a blow job" 

My heart pounded - a blow job?? We haven't done one of those in forever.  So my answer was "right another coffee it is" and I got up and made us both coffees.  

I was nervous - I wanted to give him a blow job so bad......... but I held back - I was shy and worried........... what if I had forgotten HOW???? 

So we had a second cup of coffee while we watched some mindless TV show.

But truthfully the whole time my mind was thinking "blow job"........ and I was trying to think how to actually initiate it. 

Finally I got up and moved over to kneel by his side as he laid stretched out on the sofa... I unbuttoned his shirt and teased him by nibbling from the top to the bottom of his chest.  He did some hair pulling and we both sorta / kinda felt each other out.  

Finally I just took the plunge (pun intended) ........ taking the head of his penis in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it....... tasting it .. remembering how good it felt in my mouth.. remembering how good it tasted.. remembering the sensitive bits.. the motions W loves most... 

I love the position for blow jobs.. love being on all fours with my ass stuck up in the air.. the image it creates in my mind turns me on.......... I moan as I suck W's cock...... feeling myself getting very turned on.... wondering what it would be like to have someone behind me (or somehow W behind me) teasing me fucking me while I suck cock.  

His cock grew in my mouth - the old gag reflex came back......... I lifted my eyes and glanced at W - he seemed to be immersed in the television show !!!  Honest to god...... it is a good thing that by that point in time my confidence had returned - otherwise watching TV might have been a HUGE blow to my self esteem.  I made a crack He made one back about being able to multi task......... 

But when I went back to the job at hand (so to speak) I thought how objectifying this was... me doing the best blow job I can - and W watching TV seemingly not interested in the least with what I was doing.  (thank god I knew better - god bless the male anatomy - rather difficult to hide / disguise the arousal)

When we were done...... I was so horny....... unbelievably so.  I went outside for a smoke.  I thought about masturbating after W went home so that I could ease the need.
BUT I realized I didn't want to masturbate - I wanted W!!!  So I took a big breath and asked W if he would give me another orgasm.  He asked if I wanted an orgasm or another beating.  That made me remember the "dragon's tongue" toy I had bought.  So I ran upstairs to get it so that W could use it on me.


I couldn't stay in the moment - it hurt and wasn't reaching the burning need inside ....... W sensed my mixed emotions and finally asked if I would prefer a good fuck - He needed to ask??!!!

So once again W was in me - fucking me hard - so hard so fast that it hurt - but god I needed it so bad.......... and once again I came - all over W and dripping down my legs and puddling on the floor.  Who knew one person could have so much cum inside them???

After two major HUGE orgasms W let me up - we got dressed and went off to a local restaurant for lunch...... 

And that was our weekend..........


Anonymous said...

amazing weekend...

Just so you know I have been "lurking" for several months... wanted to tell you how much i admire you.. i feel like i have learned so much from reading your blog.. this new sub thanx you very much


Vixen4770 said...

sounds like a delightful weekend to me :D

BlazngScarlet said...

Sounds delightfully delicious!

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