Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scary Thoughts

Halloween is just 6 days away....... Usually it is not something I give much thought to... However this year it seems to be first and foremost in my mind.

Why?? You ask........... 

1) I work in a school where the principal is a halloween NUT...... and all the staff are 'encouraged' to dress up in costumes.... (last year she (the principal) dressed up as Cruella) 
2) because of the need to flesh out my Cat in the Hat costume (all I have is the hat) W and I visited a halloween store on the weekend.
3) because all the houses on my route to and from work are starting to put on their most "frightful" looks.
4) W and I are going to a halloween party on Saturday night.

I used to DO halloween up royally - decorate the house - decorate my kids - hand out candy.......... but somewhere over the last 10 years or so ..... I have become the 'grinch' of halloween........ which isn't to say I am not going to do the whole fun and games next Monday at school........ but I will be glad to escape home to the peace and sanctity of my lil condo when it is all over - turn out all the lights (to avoid the doorbell going all night) and curl up with a stiff drink and count the hours till it is all over!!

Now taking a wee step backwards - yeah W and I are going to a halloween party on Saturday evening - a play party - in costumes.  Which got me thinking.... what will make this any different than any other play party - generally we see costumes left and right - only the folks wearing them don't consider them costumes!!  Fetish is what they call it.  

But not to be a spoil sport - I have more or less agreed to wear a costume on Saturday evening (cheeky grin) ....... No I am not going as an angel - or a devil !!  Not going as a maid or a witch or a vampire!! No I am not going as The Cat in the Hat.

I am going as a newspaper.  

Yup you heard me right........ a newspaper.

Where did I get that idea from ??? You ask.

Simple............ my order of new corsets arrived.  Yes corsets - plural.  I ordered a black leather corset .......... and a specialty corset.  It has black PVC trim and buckles in the front....... but in between the black trim the material is white and has black writing all over it.. looks to me like a page from a newspaper.  So when asked why I didn't dress up - I will simply tell folks to get new glasses - I AM dressed up - as a newspaper.
(pictures to come next week - I promise!!)

God I hate halloween !!! 


Fallen Angel said...

Oh how I LOVE Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. But I'm the only one in the house that seems to care about it as much as I do, which makes it less exciting. A few weeks ago I carved 3 pumpkins by myself (because the hubby and kid didn't want to help) :-)

I really enjoy reading your blog, all of it, the good and the 'normal, real life' stuff. Have fun at your party, sounds exciting!

Mistress160 said...

Photo of Newspaper Corset soon, please please?? It sounds amazing.

morningstar said...

LOL Mistress 160 - i promise - soon soon.... LOL watch for the Monday Morning Report...

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