Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is gonna sound funny - seeing as it comes from me - the QUEEN of taking things personally...........


I am so tired of people taking everything so personally.

Maybe it's something in the water or maybe it is something to do with the tides..or the moon... or the seasons.. or karma..

BUT dammit I am tired of people taking things so damn personally.

Sometimes I am just exhausted - drained  - too damn tired to come over to your place... 
Sometimes I am busy and can't answer your phone call - or talk to you right this minute...
Sometimes a question is just that  - a question 
oh and here's a good one - I am human - I make mistakes - plain honest mistakes - I am not out to get you..... I made a mistake

Some days it all gets to me - so much so that I think of buying a lottery ticket cause when I win the millions I will buy myself a nice lil island somewhere  and not leave a forwarding address ........

(hey W wanna come with me??)

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