Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Just plain bitchy

I  have discovered something about myself... and no it isn't that I get bitchy .. that is a given!!!

No it is that I am ... don't know what to call it.. racist isn't right..... sexist isn't right..... politically incorrect maybe???
I didn't pick someone for a job at work because truthfully she's too fucking old...she gets confused... complains every time she stubs her toe..... so I picked someone else... it made perfect sense to me.... 

She however threatened me with a law suit... NO I did not tell her why I didn't pick her... maybe she's not as stupid as I thought.  
When my principal stopped laughing about the whole thing.. after she promised me one day I would see the humour in it... she asked me if we had any choice.. no we don't.. cause of the Union....... the Union will tell me a) I can't discriminate because of age (that's the word - DISCRIMINATE) b) she has seniority so she gets the job.  God I HATE Unions.

Anyway I am done with this staff.. completely done... and bitchy about it too.. real bitchy... I just want to chew someone's head off!!!  

I want to get even......... god I want to get even.  Not a quality I am proud of......... 
Think I'll just stick to being bitchy.. (ok I'll admit it... I kinda hope she lifts one heavy box and throws her back out)


BlazngScarlet said...

So really, it's more about the quality of her work?

That's how i'd explain it! =)

lil said...

Lol, I have turned down people for age--if you can't keep up and pull your weight, you aren't the best person for the position.
Just make her move lots and lots of those boxes--she can then quit and file a workmans comp claim and everyone will be happy.

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