Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in review

Saturday was the monthly meeting of the Whip Club - actually the last one for the summer.  I wrote a very tongue in cheek review of this club a month ago.  If you missed it you can read about it HERE.  (i do believe it was one of the more humorous blog entries I have written.)

I wasn't entirely sure W and I would be going.  The forecast for the day was hot - hotter - hottest.  And it just isn't much fun to stand around in an open (no shade) park swinging whips at wobbling balloons in that much heat. In packing to go to W's I threw in my lap top - just in case we didn't go - so I would have something to wile away the hours.

But much to my surprise W suggested we go along......... so go along we did.  

On the plus side if you stood in the shade (what little there is of it) there was a slight breeze to keep you from dying of heat exhaustion - or getting sun stroke.  There were a few submissives there this time and we congregated in the shade watching the doms swinging........... whips folks whips!!  

On the downside - for some reason - there was a police car parked at the end of the park keeping a close eye on our shenanigans.......... that kinda put a damper on my offer to be a living breathing target.......... as long as I could stay in the shade.  I kinda think the rifle cracks of the whips had put the general populace on edge - and the police showed up to make sure there was nothing nasty and evil going on.............. more's the pity.  

(on a side note - and because this is my blog and I can bitch if I want to - it has been 2 weeks since my ass saw the business end of a whip - or flogger - or paddle for that matter - so I was hoping for a little tease - a little taste - but everyone's nerves were on edge with the local constabulary looking on.)

The nice thing about this whip club (in my humble opinion) is that following it - they hold a munch - where everyone is invited - not just the whip wielding Doms.  I do like munches - for the most part.  They are a more inviting way to sit and chat with friends from the lifestyle.  Play parties seem to be all business - and not a whole lot of in depth discussion.  

This munch was not quite so chatty.  I think it had a lot to do with the overcrowding of the restaurant.  It intrigued me that the best conversation was held in the parking lot when we were all leaving.  

I did hear some discussion about continuing the monthly munches over the fall and winter months - even though the whip club will be on hiatus.  I would like that........ play parties - real PLAY parties - are few and far between during the winter - and i miss the play aspect - as well as the touching base with friends.

Ahhhh yes.. one other thing we did this weekend - was try and get me into my new corset.  I have no idea what went wrong - I had sent my measurements (no cheating on them either) and the size of the most recent corset I bought - BUT - despite all of that - the corset I received is just too damn small.  (see my pouty face??) 

On a bright note though - and YEAH for at least one company understanding "customer service" - the woman who runs this corset on line shop - has agreed to meet up with me in September at Fetish Weekend - take back the corset that doesn't fit - and fit me with a new one.  YAY !!!

A question for those of you who own / wear corsets - what the hell do you wear WITH them??? I have one long black skirt that I wear constantly with my corset.  BUT as I am thinking of buying a leather corset - complete with straps and buckles and zippers - I can't see this fancy skirt working with leather.  What the hell do I wear with it???  What do YOU wear with a corset??

And that is about it for my Weekend in Review...............


Buffalo said...

Sorry. I can't say that I've ever worn a corset.

Ordalie said...

"everyone's nerves were on edge with the local constabulary looking on."
The crime rate must be pretty low in that place for them to stay put after seeing what was going on!

viemoira said...

I have a long straight black skirt I wear with my corset too- and what is really strange is I think it is the exact red oriental one you have. I considered buying a few plainer corset tops to wear with jeans or a jean shirt maybe.

BlazngScarlet said...

I wear my corsets with everything! lol

Long skirts, short skirts, jeans, dress pants ... you name it!
You can wear your new leather corset with your long, fancy black skirt ... it creates an interesting contrast of fabrics and textures!
Try a nice silky floral skirt to 'soften' the leather and buckles.
To stay more 'hardcore', look for a long, dark denim skirt.

Just some thoughts/ideas!

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