Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"I think I can .. I think I can"

I am sure you have all been holding your breath waiting for my promised update on "bookkeeping"............. 

Ok so........... 

On Friday I went to the website and took another long look at the software........ and placed an order for the Pro + Payroll.  Then a window opened telling me I could download the software and try it out until the actual CD arrived.  I also downloaded and printed out the help booklet (all 40+ pages of it!!)

The first thing the help booklet said ' was to gather all the necessary paperwork'.  At that point I figured I had worked hard enough on this bookkeeping thing........ so I turned off the computer.  Saturday morning I felt a wee bit guilty about giving up so easily... so with coffee in hand I set about gathering up all the paperwork - business numbers - bank account numbers - pay slips .. piles and piles of paper.  (are you bored yet??)

Once that was done - I figured I had worked hard enough on this bookkeeping thing ... so I went online and played my games.. answered emails ..and frittered away the rest of the day.

Sunday morning at 5 am I had a major case of the guilts.... I was not going to learn this bookkeeping thing if I kept finding excuses not to buckle down and get at it.  So I made some coffee... turned on the computer  - NOT the internet - and got started.

After an hour or so I had set up my business account and had moved along to setting up my employee's file.   And that was as far as I got.  No matter what I did - I could not get the damn program to accept the hourly wages.  I was almost in tears.. but decided a 3rd cup of coffee might help.

It was about half way through that cup of coffee when I hit some button (don't ask me what button - cause I haven't a clue) and up came this message that said something to the effect of "for full pay roll capabilities - you have to order the Pro+Pay CD" 

Well ok then!!  I moved along and set up my client files - even managed to figure out how to invoice... and that was that.  Nothing more I can do until such time as the CD arrives.

Cross my fingers that when I upload the software off this blessed CD - that all the work I did manage to do will magically appear....... 

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Buffalo said...

I've been holding my breath so long Kat started calling me Papa Smurf. Now I can breathe!

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