Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rainy day in the Great White North

 (sorry Sir - this blog entry that you have been waiting for is a real "War and Peace")

The song Rainy Night in Georgia keeps going through my head.... "feels like it's raining all over the world" which it does...... areas of our city are under water ... areas that haven't been flooded in 40 years!!! 

Anyway - 
The last few days have been almost as bad as when I left the hospital........ I was discouraged and had more than one good weep...... it was really hard to find the silver lining in this episode.  But last night I had a small plate of pasta (no sauce - not allowed sauce) but when you have been on a liquid diet (and I don't mean the alcohol liquid diet) anything tastes like a feast!!

Today I woke up feeling alive - my stomach feels like it's been hit by a truck - but I am eating again and everything is working as it should........ HALLELUJAH!!!

So considering my health improvement - considering my pantry was almost empty and considering that today was pay day - I decided to go out (in all the rain) and get some groceries ..................

My local grocery store was advertising geraniums (red ones) buy 10 and get 3 free!!  So off I went  - only to find out that the grocery store doesn't sell the plants (so why in god's name was it in THEIR flyer??) and that the flower stall doesn't open till this weekend ......... when it will be so damn busy !!!!  

The other thing that put me into a real pissy mood....... the shelves weren't stocked - WTF!!??  It's Thursday for god's sake NOT Monday............ the icing on the cake was when I got to the meat department ........ to pick up chicken - the safest food I can eat - to discover the expiry date was today.......... WTF??!!!  So I raised a stink - I asked for the manager and not very diplomatically told him what I thought.  He went running off to get me fresh chicken breasts (4 to a package) ,. I was feeling slightly better till I got home and opened up the chicken to package it for the freezer (yeah yeah I know - what's the point of fresh chicken if you are gonna freeze it?) and discovered that I hadn't received 8 chicken breasts as I requested - but 3 to a package.  GEEEEEEEEEZ can't they count??? 

And while I am on the soap box - being pissy - I am going to cross a line I seldom if ever cross.......... 

dirty word in my house...... even as a child politics was never discussed in polite company - just like sex.  (But then I talk about sex on here all the time right??) so I guess it is time to rattle a few cages and spew forth my disgust with politics.. or current affairs... whatever you want to call it.

First the Canadian elections - I am not sure anyone anywhere else in the world gives a damn what just happened in our last election......... but let me tell you i DO!!  'For my entire life I have voted for the Liberal party ............ but after 3 elections that gave us a minority Conservative government that acted like a group of kindergarten children who still hadn't learned to share and play nice........ and considering I dislike immensely the Liberal leader and considering we don't get to vote for our Prime Minister only the party - and considering the last election I refused to vote in protest - this time I voted.......... for the NDP (I have a feeling my dear father must have rolled over in his grave).  
So the NDP got in BIG time here in Quebec - which really was a revolt against the separatist party that believes Quebec should be a separate nation (OHHHHHHHH watch my blood boil over that one!!)  Anyway - getting back to the NDP party .......... one candidate didn't even hang posters - never mind canvas - in fact she took a trip to Vegas in the middle of the campaign....... I didn't know that Las Vegas was in her riding... 
Then they have a teacher (elementary teacher - yay!!! go girl) who can't show up in Ottawa till the end of the teaching year......... yeah you heard me right...... no show.

And they are all getting paid $157.000 a year...... a YEAR - I am thinking next election I may run for the NDP...... hell I could use $157,000 salary a year for 4 years.

And then there is the whole Bin Laden thing in the states ruling the air waves these days.  I get that he was a criminal in a lot of minds - and that they believed he should be found............. but shot dead ....... not once but twice in the head??!!!  I don't know I always thought everyone - and I do mean EVERYONE - was entitled to a fair trial - and everyone was believed innocent until proven guilty.......... and yeah I get it that the man was evil - and yeah I get it that it is best that he is dead and not a made to be a martyr - 
BUT folks - does anyone honestly believe that terrorism is now dead and buried at sea with Bin Laden??? 

Doesn't anyone else think that we just put ourselves on the same level as the terrorists?? 

I am confused and frustrated and feeling just a tad hopeless......... maybe it's time to put on those rose coloured glasses that dear Buffalo says I wear way too much.... go back to my lil corner of the world......... and contemplate my navel and how there really is hope for this world.

Yeah - it is a rainy night in Georgia - the angels are crying.

(putting my soap box away and returning you all to your regularly scheduled programs)


Buffalo said...

I find your political system ... interesting, (for lack of a better word). I am grateful the campaign lasted only 6 weeks - sort of anyway. Canadians have spoken and, if I have the correct understanding, you have 4 years to live with it.

Re bin Laden: He had his trial. He gleefully confessed and took full credit for 9-11. Death was the only possible or reasonable sentence since we try to give the impression of being civilized. The appropriate punishments would be considered cruel and inhumane.

I doubt if anyone is naive enough to believe his death will end al-Qaeda or terrorism, but it does mean there is one less terrorist.

Hisflower said...

i absolutely believe bin laden deserved to be shot dead instead of going to my mind he deserved worse. he helped organize a devastation that destroyed lives and families and tried to destroy our country. each terrorist deserves the same in my mind. i have absolutely no guilt feelings or second thoughts in my feelings- he deserved what he got and i hope hes burning in hell.

Anonymous said...

Not a peep in our press about an election in what should be one of the most important parts of the world--our northern neighbor. Canada doesn't exist for our press.

Anonymous said...

Canadian living in the USA my take on both

This is what the fourth election they have called in 7 years? Its almost to me as a Canadian..a joke. They get fed up and in all their mighty powers..yell election not fair!!! and Tax payers foot the bill and they (the politicians) appease the citizens by making them believe they had a say in the matter. I no longer reside in canada but I am thoroughly disgusted with the canadian politics!

Aww Bin Laden, my belief, I did not celebrate his death, I did celebrate the fact that he will not cause the death of anymore citizens. You are right, the terrorist are still there, and it will go on, but we can't just let terrorist walk all over us in fear of retribution or who will replace him. We have shown them that we will defend our country, and we will

hope you feel better soon


Malcolm said...

Trying OBL would have been a fiasco, just imagine the whole unnecessary circus! Just as well they apparently felt obliged to kill him (though of course we'll never know the truth of that matter.)

As for celebrating his death, that would put me on the same level as him.

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