Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 Every Christmas I usually get 1 if not 2 or 3 calendars.  This year I didn't get any !!!

So during the Christmas break I went looking for a calendar.  Now you have to understand - W found an oriental calendar a few years back and now I can't have any other sort of calendar.  So after Christmas when I went out to get a 2011 calendar - I had quite a challenge....... there were no oriental ones that I could find.

Finally in the last shop - at the very back - buried under a pile of calendars was "my" calendar.  I quickly glanced at the pictures - not really seeing them - it was an oriental calendar and that was all that mattered!!!

So I brought it home and hung it proudly in my home office over my desk.  Now you have to understand - mostly I check outlook calendar for my appointments, tasks and dates.... I don't actually WRITE on the calendar on the wall.  It is more like a piece of artwork........ except this calendar...........

I noticed a month or so ago..... that for some stupid reason the weekend wasn't split with Saturday on the far right side and Sunday on the left side..,. with the days of the week filling in the middle.  NO no .. my calendar had the weekend days together on the far right side.  It was a bit confusing... but I didn't give it much thought.  

A week ago I realized that when I glance at the calendar (which I have discovered I do every morning) that I was getting confused.  My brain is used to the weekends being split up...... so when it was actually Tuesday I was thinking it was Monday...... which might explain some of my confusion over what day it was........ (that's my story and I am sticking to it !!)

Anyway - this morning I realized the little calendar hidden under a pile of other calendars is misprinted.  The numbers on the far right side and the left side are coloured red - to separate them from the rest of the numbers/days of the week.  Only thing is.. (are you following this??) The number on the far right side - is red - and is Sunday.  The number on the left side is red and is MONDAY.

So yeah I am sticking to my story that this calendar is causing my confusion over what damn day it is!!!  As you can see.. if you look closely at the picture at the top... I have written in the days of the week and separated the weekend from Monday - Friday - I love oddities until they start playing mind games on me!!!

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  1. Ordalie10:39 pm

    When you recite the days of the week over there and in the UK too you start with Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

    Not the same here in the rest of Europe, we start with Monday, Tuesday... Much better IMO, since the week-end isn't split when you look at a calendar: you've got the two best days of the week huddled together ;-)


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