Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mundane News

I went back to work a week ago........ a week ago today. I went back to work against my doctor's advice......... though she signed the back to work papers she warned me I really wasn't ready. PFFFFFFFFFT What did she know???!! I was feeling fit as a fiddle... right as rain... perfect.

Besides I have this work ethic that says .... If I am well enough to play (and my god I have played!!) I am well enough to return to work.

WRONG !!!!!

As the doc explained to me.. I was fit to play and socialize and do all the little household things that need doing........... because......... I was able to put my feet up .. have a little snooze... recharge the batteries in between all that activity.

I can't do that at school.

All that to say it was a rough few days.

On Monday the head of HR called me over some legal issues that came up last week......... and then told me that THE BOARD (dontcha love that generic word) had decided I shouldn't be working full time yet. THE BOARD decided that I needed someone to come in and relieve me at 3:00 and I was to go home and put my feet up.

Panic hit. Did they think I couldn't do my job??? I couldn't live on part time salary!!! Sometimes I can be so damn dense!!! No THE BOARD knew I could do my job....... and they wanted to make sure I would be doing my job for a long time. And they understood that the money was why I came back early in the first place. They were insisting I take it slow. In fact they insisted so vehemently - they even agreed to pay the salary for the woman who is replacing me!!! AND I would still get full pay!!

Talk about smack me upside the head. Sometimes I really do find it hard to accept that people see me as a valuable commodity (LOL yup.. I am a commodity)

So now I work a couple of hours in the morning.. and a couple of hours in the afternoon and come home and have a nap. I feel like I am 3 years old again... I figure the next thing will be cookies and milk when I wake up.

So .. health wise I am muddling along. I figure by July (cheeky grin) when I board the plane for my visit to The Heron Clan, I will be fit as a fiddle ........ 100%... my old self again.

On the BDSM front..... my dance card is full. What an amazing feeling for this old bird !!!

I am all " a twitter" right now, because on Friday the S couple (remember them SS and S.S ??) they are taking me to a local club where they are putting on a demo on spanking and all the implements that go with it. AND I am to be ....... can you guess?? ........ the spankee !! What fun!!

As a dear friend says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams....... Live the life you imagined" ...........I am...... and loving every minute of it !


BlazngScarlet said...

I'm so happy that you're living the life YOU want!
However, I don't understand why you find it so hard to accept that you ARE valuable!?
I'm impressed with your employer, and only wish that others were so compassionate and generous.

Anonymous said...

I am really happy that your most recent job is working out so well for you. Nice to see your so appreciated and valued.

That scene at the club sounds like it will be awesome. It is great to hear your playing so much!

Big hugs from here!


anna said...

Excellent news on all fronts... and not so mundane!

On a completely unrelated note, milk and cookies sounds yummy!

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