Wednesday, May 05, 2010

DUCK !!!

I have a rant coming .......... so duck !!! or go read somewhere else...

I'm bloody pissed right now ..... I am pissed at "well meaning" friends sticking their noses into my business under the guise of "friendship". I am pissed at other friends who listen to friends and get their girdles in a knot and feel they have to stick their noses into my business.

I am single, white and 21. I can do what I want to with whomever I want to. I am a free woman and believe it or not I can make choices for myself!!!!

I am not an addle headed blonde bimbo. I am a tough old bird and the more life experiences I work my way through.. the tougher I am getting.

NO ONE - i repeat - NO ONE is responsible for me - get it!!!??? I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ME!!! I am where I am today because *I* made choices.. not because someone pushed me here.. helped me here.. or showed me the way. GOT IT?

Now fucking back off.... let me live my life....... my way !!!

(getting down off my soap box and putting it away)


ObsidianCub said...

Quite right, you go girl!


Well said. Can I copy and past that post, the next time I get that kind of c**p?


Anonymous said...

When I left my first husband and moved out on my own back in my 40's, leaving behind a comfortable lifestyle and decades of marriage, most of my friends/family thought I'd lost my mind. Truly.

And even though I obviously got stronger and happier and more fulfilled in my life, and met my Love and got into a completely different career and traveled and became more confident, more capable, etc., etc....certain people I'd once been close to continued with gloomy comments and dire warnings.

And I kept trying to say, nicely at first..."I DO know what I am doing...I'm fully an adult, with adult kids I raised, and it's my life...and thank you but...butt out" and some did, some didn't.

The really funny thing is, today, 12 years later, I'm obviously very happy, remarried, life is treating me very well (on the personal and career front, at least); there is no comparison to the "old" me who was so afraid of life but to this day certain people *still* ask me all frowny-faced and concerned, "so how is it going" if we happen to meet. TO THIS DAY!

They never got over me doing all that.

Well, fuck 'em. I mean...I'm happy for them and their choices, why can't they be happy for me and mine? If I had been unhappy or if I were unhappy now, I could understand concern, but I wasn't and I'm not.

It was/is just weird.

Like with you, what I see/read is a butterfly emerging from her cocoon. You were unhappy for a long time, suppressing your real self; now you are branching out and enjoying life more, laughing more, feeling stronger, more yourself, more YOU! How this is bad, I don't know. *shrugs*

Some people just don't like it, though. Don't listen to them, do what feels right in your gut. Nobody knows what that is but you.


swan said...

yes. exactly. and yes -- this probably does mean YOU!


d.lallie said...

Good for you. Soapboxes are around for a reason!

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