Monday, March 09, 2009

Short and sweet Q & A

Florida Dom asked a follow up question:
If you don't mind just one more question: Is being shaved by Sir a turn on and foreplay for a scene? And how often does he do it?

When Sir first started shaving me, it was at first humiliating - being so exposed and open to Him .......... major mind fuck !!! Then yes it was (still is) a turn on. His fingers opening me.. tugging my pussy this way and that..... lifting my clit by the jewelry and moving it out of the way.. yeah it is very much a turn on.

And no it is not foreplay to anything. It is simply a task that needs to be done.

As for how often He shaves me - well i only see Sir on weekends - so the simple answer is once a week. But it isn't all that simple. Often times a weekend will come and go and the shaving won't be done. i like to be clean shaven - so unless i am under orders not to shave myself - i will often shave myself every couple of days or so.

Carrie Ann and Spankedhortic asked:

This has nothing to do with anything but...
Every day I ask myself...
I wonder why she chose that color to type in?



What decides the text color of the day?

This question made me laugh. You see i am mostly colour blind. i see primary colours but not shades of colours......... So the colour i see is not necessarily the colour you see.

BUT .. to answer the question of how i decide what colour to use......... i have a couple of criteria - if i am using a picture to illustrate the topic.. i try to match the font colour to one of the colours in the picture.

If there is no picture to match to.. then i tend to pick a colour that matches my mood .. or the mood of the blog entry.

AND when all else fails - i chose a colour i think looks best with the background - my blog template has changed over the years and some of the backgrounds were different colours .

Now kaya - you have been very patient........ i haven't forgotten your questions.. saving the best for last (right - that's what i am doing .. saving the best for last!!)


Anonymous said...

I'm patient. No need to hurry. :-)


Carrie Ann said...

I'm so entertained by the fact that someone else was curious about your colors! :)

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