Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's talk about Sex..

Ok... folks.. slow down..... and pay attention...

First off.. i have always said i tell NO lies on this blog..

So when i say that Sir fucked me .. or whatever term i use (kinda depends on the mood ) i mean just that .. Sir fucked me.

He may not use His cock.. but that does not mean there are no sexual relations between us. Quite the opposite. In all honesty - i have never had such great sex!! with a cock or without ....

i just wanted to set the record straight.


CLoud said...

I just like the flower

Hisflower said...

there was never a doubt in my mind sweetie, honestly.
Some things are hell getting older- but i do have to admit, im happier at the age i am now than ever before in my life...sexually, mentally and emotionally.( just wish my stomach was flatter and my boobs

hugs to you both,

Scarlet said...

Being fucked isn't accomplished by the cock alone.

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