Thursday, August 14, 2008

This 'n that

i haven't done a bouncing ball blog in a long long time... these are the blogs where i have a lot of little things bouncing around in my head .. not enough to fill individual blog entries... but enough to fill one.. (though when you think about it.. who set a required length / number of words for blogs?? )

Before we went to camp Sir went through His toy bag........ to explain....... i am a bit anal about toys being used on different people and then on me.... so way back at the beginning the toys were divided into generic toys - those that could be used on others... and house toys - those that would be used only on me. Anyway.. when Sir was tiding up His toy bag He pulled out a flogger i made ....... god wayyyyyyy back when....... it is a rope flogger... and i had gone to a submissive friend's house to learn how to make a half decent rope flogger. (he was / still does make wonderful toys) In those days Sir and i didn't have a whole lot of spanking toys (especially since Sir was really the "bondage guy" and not the "pain guy") and so i decided to try my hand at making a flogger.. also i had read somewhere on the net that submissives should and could make their own toys...... i made one flogger and decided to buy all further toys !!

The flogger was wonderful - but was definitely missing something.. a bite .. a sting.. and so i got the brilliant idea - light bulb moment - to knot the ends of each fall........ still not enough sting or bite .. so i added two knots per fall - at varying heights ... and finally added 3 knots.. it was my own goldilocks story.. this is wayyyyyyy too soft.. this is soft but getting there.. and this is just right !!!!

Well getting back to the Sunday night and Sir's toy bag.. my flogger was pulled out.. and i felt like a kid who had found a long lost teddy bear......... i stroked it.. i murmured over it.. i remembered the many fun times with it... and so ... of course it got put in the bag for camp.

Sometimes our memories are not accurate.. but my memories of this flogger were dead on..... it is soft as it caresses the body .. but when the knots hit it has a sting.. a bite that cannot be described !!! And it always amazes me ....... that after a session with the rope flogger that i have to re-tie a number of the knots.. as the force of the hits against my ass unties the knots.. or .. maybe .. it is a magic trick where the knots magically disappear - who knows.. but i think today - seeing as the sun is shining - i will take the flogger outside in my secret garden with me and re- knot the falls.......

i was thinking this weekend.. how far i have come from the shy submissive i was at camp the first year....... then it was all i could do to strip totally naked for Sir - even with the rope harness covering most of my body i struggled to be seen by others......... and when it came to .. bodily functions?? well let me tell you - i would stand in line forever to use the port-a-potties (and i HATE port-a-potties!!)

This weekend it was a bloody long walk from our tent to the port-a-potties ......... and i had no shame - more than once i went behind the tent.. did a quick look up down and around to make sure no one was close by - and squatted and peed........ and went WOW.. no bolt of lightening... i was getting quite good at the bend and squat - pee - and get back to whatever .. until Sir showed up with His camera.......i bounced up in mid stream shrieking "You wouldn't!!" when we all know He WOULD ... got my shoes wet.. my legs wet.. and basically just made a huge mess ....... i will learn eventually subbies just don't have any modesty or privacy !!!


And my friend Buffalo has a new gadget on his blog........i discovered it by accident really....... a box in the margin of his blog said "click here to leave a voice message". Well it intrigued me .. and frightened me.. hell i am the one who HATES leaving voice messages on answering machines !!! BUT i decided for a number of different reasons to leave him a voice message one day. The really nice thing i discovered - is that you can listen to the message BEFORE you send it.. so if it sounds really stammery and dumb - you can erase it and start over.. i was sold !!! i guess the first message i left must have taken 4 or 5 tries before i figured i sounded semi intelligent.. and the next one was even easier......

Then i got to thinking..... i want one too !!! Just like a kid.. i want one too !!! Sooooo dear readers .. if you look over to the right of the screen .. up near the top .. just above "send me an email" you will see a putrid green box (Buffalo will have to tell me how he managed to get a nice silver one!!! cause i picked pink and got green.... grrrrrrrr) with a red button.. that is my voice message box..

Now come on........ you know you want to try it.. you know you do !!! Just click the lil red button and say "hi".. come on....... you know you want to try it !!!!

Shall i do a "romper room" (most of you probably have NO idea what i mean when i say "romper room" ) attendance call.. shall i say.... come on swan.. leave me a message so i can hear your voice.. kaya.. you too .. how bout Scarlet (i have a feeling you probably have a nice southern drawl) and Spankedhortic you too.. and Whitesnake - don't you slither off in the tall grass.. step up and leave me a message... hisflower you too .. and Buffalo how could You NOT?? after all i left you one !!!!


And i guess .. really.. that is it for my bouncing ball.......... have a good one ...... i am off to sit in the sun and tie knots......... and dream dreams of fun times.....


padme amidala said...

I tried to leave you a voice message but for some reason it didn't work for me. I pressed that button but nothing happened. I think that's a really neat idea though. :)
Big Hugs,

playtoyspuppy said...

i remember romper room! :)
uhh..ok..just showed my age,lol.
will leave a message when i get a new mic since my cat chewed up the old one.
i love reading your blog. Mistress liked the pic of the torture chair with "mr. mat"-i think it gave her some ideas >:-)

Buffalo said...

I don't know anything about floggers, but I have worked with nylon line when I was in the Navy.

If, after you tie your knot, you'll take a lighter or a candle and burn the underneath part of the knot just enough to fuse it a bit you should cure the need to retie.

Anonymous said...

good morning! i tried to leave the voice message, but i couldnt get it to work for me... it is a very cool idea though! have a wonderful day!

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