Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Large Equipment

Buffalo asked .. suggested?? .. that i post individual pictures of the large equipment at camp and name them.........
So here goes....... and btw.. if i should put a name to something and you know the proper name - please feel free to correct me !!!!


two spanking benches.. the sub is
usually put face down and the ass extends slightly over the end of the bench - making for easy access...

2)a kneeling or prayer bench... this weekend it was used for some religious play - not something i am into (the whole "forgive me father for i have sinned" thing) but to each their own... the sub kneels on the bench hands clasped on the upper ledge.. ass bared and the spanking/beating is done in that position.

3) i labeled this one the torture chair - because the legs, arms, seat and back are covered in "mr. mat"
the sub is then strapped in across the chest, belly, arms and legs so that movement is limited... then the sub's delicate parts could be tortured by whipping.. or pegging.. or other such torturous means....... but the worst torture is when the straps are removed and the sub stands up .. leaving the mat on the chair......... dimples dimples everywhere.. the joke on Saturday night was to feed the sub a glass of water and see if she sprung a leak or two !!!

4)In the foreground you can see an erect squarish - goal post - as i call it. It really is a suspension frame....... and the sub is tied in ropes galore and then suspended from the frame..
just kinda hanging around !!!

In the back ground you can see another suspension frame.. in red.... that was the final piece of equipment Sir fastened me to on Saturday evening....... as it can also be used to whip a sub.. the wrists are simply clipped to one of the 0 rings on the sides.........

In the foreground is a black pole.. (ignore the blue one.. that is a tent pole) .. the black pole is a whipping post....... attach sub and whip........

This is another suspension frame.. it is composed of 3 major tree limbs that a couple of Dominants found in the woods. They lashed it together in a tepee shape.. sanded off the bark to make it look nicer (no way would they have done that to avoid splinters !!) suspended some rings from the very top center... and suspended subs ........... much higher and much scarier (if you ask me - which you didn't ) than the indoor suspension frames.

7)A (unfortunately) rather blurred picture of a bondage chair....... On Friday evening i was able to - for a short while - watch a Master bind his submissive to the chair.. she had ropes isolating her breasts...... making them very perky indeed....... her legs were spread apart and bound to the legs of the chair.. leaving her private parts very exposed and vulnerable. Her Master used all manner of toys .. from slappers to whips on her breasts and pussy. And finished up using a vibrator on her until she came with a resounding orgasm.

And now for the equipment that was my "undoing" on Saturday evening.........

8) Now actually this frame looks like it could be lots of fun........ but in my opinion equipment should feel safe to use.. and something that rocks side to side does not - again in my opinion - feel safe at all !!!!! i have no idea what this is called except for a sideways cross.. i i think it might have been fun.. to be spread eagled on it.. and laying down... off the cold cold ground ... but it didn't work out that way.

8) and finally the stocks which pretty much speak for themselves.. head and wrists go into the holes provided.. forcing the ass out ...... making it a great target ....... also Sir could walk around to the front of the stocks and work on my breasts...... and there was no where for me to dance away..........

And those were the toys that Sir managed to capture on film for posterity.

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Buffalo said...

Interesting. Thanks for the nomenclature.

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