Monday, March 03, 2008

Don't worry be happy.....

“You are always already happy. The reason you don’t experience it is that it’s covered up by layers of suppressed emotions and negative thoughts. Shift your attention and your inherent happiness flashes forth.” Steve Ross

i stole that saying from A View from the Floor......... it's a good read blog and i strongly suggest you pop over and give it a read if you haven't already (i am usually a day late and a dollar short around here..... so most of you may already have her linked )

Well the weekend didn't quite end the way i had planned.. my week ahead is not looking exactly the way i had planned...... (for those of you - me....are usually a day late and a dollar short - you can read about the angst filled weekend on Yes Miss) The weekend ended with a very nice email from drakor suggesting that i post that he is too sick to serve his sentence - he even volunteered to come over for some sort of inspection to make it all real........ and then he suggested i add on a punishment for being late ..a penalty for not taking care of himself and finally a penalty for rudeness and post the results....... ok i am lost here..... but that's ok i seem to be lost most of the time these days.

But i am taking the above advise.. i am shifting my focus and finding my happiness. Years ago when i got discouraged or down or angry or even when i was happy i used to redecorate the house ....... (pity my poor ex.. he always got pressed into service during those times) so i am going to redecorate this week........ now you just have to pity poor Sir.. who put up with me moving stuff around this weekend..... ohhhhhhhh that's not to say He didn't slow me down some with a well placed valentine's day bucket and some rocks....(can i say OUCH!!) oh yeah .. and Sir has said He will write a bog about it .. complete with pictures.. (cheeky grin) some day soon......... do you get the feeling i am giving Sir a gentle nudge???

Now i am off .. (ok ok i have been "off" for a long time............. ) to find some paint and some brushes and to redecorate the house........ nothing like a little hard work to put the angst to rest...........

ohhhh and before i forget.. i have taken my first pill of the 3rd month's treatment...... and am already feeling the effects.. hot sweats and laziness...... but i am not going to let some little white pill slow me down !!! What's the expression " can't keep a good woman down" (yeah yeah i know it is supposed to be man.......... but don't get me started on that topic !!)

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challenge said...

i do the same thing when i get in a funk, something is going to get changed...anything from gutting closets and rearranging furniture to dying my hair a completely different color(well, when it was my decision to do it or not : )) It just perks me up a little to be able to freshen or change something.

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