Saturday, February 16, 2008


please folks.. try and understand here.. i was not.. am not.. pointing fingers at anyone in my last blog entry !!!!!

i just was trying to work out in my mind what that dear loving woman - my friend - must be going through, trying to process the secret life her husband has been living for 30 years.

i personally do not understand how people can commit suicide and not leave a note - i can not imagine a person lying to another - i can not imagine a person just disappearing .......... i can't imagine but it does not mean that i don't know it goes on..

i do not condemn anyone for the choices they make.. i just try and understand them.. and sometimes i wonder at the pain that we as human beings cause another.

That is all... nothing more nothing less...


Anonymous said...

i do understand your concern for your friend,morningstar. it is a terrible thing when people find out "secrets" about our loved ones- the hurt and confusion that they must go through. i know you are an open- minded person- i can tell by the things you write about. we dont have to agree on every aspect of this lifestyle... it is made up of different people with the same basic wants and needs, but each of us venturing off a bit on our own paths- our own pleasures. in a perfect world no one would ever be hurt by another- i just dont see a way to do that in my situation and still be able to follow my desires. it may be selfish, it may not be "moral"... but its where im willing to be.
i do thank you for commenting about this topic again...i hope you dont mind me still reading your journal and commenting once in awhile... i really do admire your writing style and appreciate your thoughts on different subjects.
hugs, Hisflower

CLoud said...

Her I was up all last night paint my placard to march down main street with you. I feel that this world feigns acceptance of a lot of things as long as it is not in their family. The lifestyle is one of those thing that might stay closer to the closet than mainstream.


Buffalo said...

Trying to understand, on an intellectual if not emotional level, is a giant step in the right direction. We should all practice it.

littleone said...

oh my god !!! Hisflower.. why in god's name would i NOT want you reading !!! i love knowing you are checking up on me every once and a while.. please don't ever stop!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

lol... thank you morningstar- that means alot to me!
hugshugshugs, Hisflower

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