Sunday, February 10, 2008

Red Letter Day

Yesterday was a RED letter day........... absolutely totally completely .. a red letter day.

Sir took me out in the morning to the train club (which was ok but had little to do with the red letter day) and then on the way home i asked Sir if we could stop at yet another renovation type store and look at bathroom vanities etc. (thank god for a kind patient loving Sir)

The second vanity i saw was IT... absolutely totally IT............ so was the mirror that will go with it...... and the medicine chest.........

Then the contractor/handy man stopped by late afternoon and went over the details and told us it shouldn't be a major job and he can get it completed in (hopefully) 2 weeks. (that's two weeks in the summer cause i don't have 2 weeks to supervise until then!!)

Then at Sir's suggestion i found a company who will refinish my bathtub and fingers crossed i will have a completely newish bathtub with some pizazz - they still have to give me an estimate........

By the time dinner was done i was glowing.......... that is until Sir brought out the crops and the lexan cane. Now see.. i sorta wanted to try again...... and i was sorta worried Sir would baby me and that wouldn't "do" at all.. if i am ever gonna get over feeling broken the sessions have to be Sir's way....... not limp along wimpy style to humour me.. and then praise me cause i did it!! Get it?? If Sir went soft on me then i still wouldn't believe i wasn't broken......

Well why i worried about Sir going wimpy on me is any body's guess. First the lexan cane.. then the crop........ then the lexan cane.. and it sorta .. kinda .. felt ok... but then Sir dropped everything and knelt behind me and thrust my legs apart and started in on me.......... i was dry .. it hurt.. it felt like the tissue was thin and stretching and ripping........ Sir pulled out .. wiped wet fingers across my ass and asked "still think you are dry?" i wasn't sure.. it didn't feel the same inside.. not by a long shot....... but Sir was right... my ass sure was wet !!

Back to the cane and crops.. and soon i found myself rubbing my clit jewelry hard into the rug.. it was an automatic response.......... and oh my god it felt so good !!! Next thing i knew - without warning - Sir had thrust into me again and was pounding hard ......... rubbing my favourite little spot .. and i was arching my back and begging Him not to stop and in the same breath begging Sir for permission to come........ oh yeah baby !!! it ain't broke !!!!!!!!!!!

on another completely different note........ sort of...
remember the post i did a few days ago about ruffles have ridges........ well guess what Sir did again this weekend??? Except this weekend Sir took pictures to prove that pussies can have ridges too !!!

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