Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Sir has posted to His blog........ mid week ...... wow was i surprised !!! Pictures are the reason i know what happens to me during sessions....... i sat there last night studying those pictures of my ass.. going WOW Sir put the cups over the needles???!!! no wonder it felt so weird (and wonderful)

Now if i had known Sir was going to put the cups OVER the needles i would have panicked.. i would have assumed it was going to be 'bad' hurt.. i would have assumed the cups would have pulled the needles out.. which in hind sight wouldn't have been a bad thing.. nor would it have hurt that much..... but still the mental image is usually - always in my case - worse than the actual fact.

i find myself still going wow.. cups over needles!! (and yeah yeah it probably isn't a big thing for most of you........ but it is for me !!)

And because my theme today is a Picture is worth a thousand words - i have also posted to my Photojournal..........

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Buffalo said...

For some reason or another Photo Journal will not allow me to make a comment with either computer. Can't access any of the links either.

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