Sunday, February 17, 2008


On January 29 drakor announced a 'challenge' towards all Dominants. i read it with interest, and with i'll admit .. a little bit of wonder. drakor has done "challenges" before and has seldom been taken up on them. He tends to get very boastful after a challenge saying things like the Dominants slept through it like a bear in hibernation - or other such complimentary comments. i know he is just being a brat - but still i wondered why any Dominant would enter into such a game....... especially when (in my opinion) the dice are loaded against them.

This time i took up the challenge - and many wondered why........ drakor and Sir included !! (and i am guessing as you read this you too may wonder why in god's name i would take up the gauntlet that drakor threw down - considering the unhappy and sudden ending of our relationship) The answer was simple to me.. probably not as simple to explain.. i wanted to prove that i could answer his questions, i wanted to give him something to work at (after all if no Dominants tried he wouldn't have to come up with 5 questions, time limits, prizes and hard limits now would he???) AND most importantly i wanted him to worry .. just a little bit.

As it happened 5 Dominants took up the challenge and 3 missed the first question..... short lived challenge wouldn't you say?? (well you would if you had read the second convoluted question) Well suffice it to say i stuck it out.. gave drakor hell over his convoluted questions, convoluted bonuses and penalties.. ( i am nothing if not a teacher!!)

On February 14th - drakor's birthday (mark that down if you ever intend to enter one of his challenges - the first question had to do with his birthday) he announced the winner. And as usual he couldn't help but wiggle his butt at the Dominants and yeah a little bit at me. He also told Sir (all the way through the month long contest actually) that he did not expect me to claim the prize.

Now i ask you !!! for those of you who read me regularly .. do i impress you as someone who would start something and not finish it???? Surprise surprise drakor!! i claimed my prize. And what is the prize you might ask?? (especially if you didn't read the first link explaining the challenge). The prize is drakor as your prisoner - naked - for 168 hours. That is 7 days - for those of you who don't wish to do the conversion.

As only drakor can, there was much suggestive topping from the bottom about what could or should be done with your captive prize......... i had little or no interest in his ideas - i have had a plan in mind since the very first question (yeah i can be cocky about my abilities some times!!) BUT i was more interested in the hard limits that drakor was going to use to bind the winner's hands. (After all when he was with us - there was a list of 44 hard limits. So i was surprised to see the following list of hard limits sent out to contestants in this challenge - a far cry from the 44 dontcha think???

Hard limits:
  • Non consensual acts , children , those with out decision capabilities, animals or general public
  • Piercing play such as needles or knife play
  • Permanent marks of any kind including permanent makers
  • Insertions in the penis
  • Body modifications
  • Masks , blindfolds and gags
  • Electrical play
  • Hair removal by any method than shaving
  • Non safe sex recreational drugs
  • Scat play
  • inverted suspension
  • Breathe play
Now drakor loves to tease me about being dominant.. or at worst a switch........... and i am sure the question springs to mind why i would want to have a sub/slave .. as a prize from a contest or from the challenge of searching the net for a worthy participant in our life here in the Great White North. The answer is simple actually .. and brings me back to the beginning of this blog entry and the picture.

i bought that Tshirt over the Christmas break at Sir's urging... yeah i AM a bossy sub. cute eh?? BUT that is all i am .. a bossy sub. i rarely if ever want to dominant anyone.. i rarely if ever get pleasure from beating or tying or flogging or humiliating a submissive..... and when it is over i want my ass on the block.. and god i want to feel the sting of the whip !!! nah i am not dominant not switch.. i am just a bossy sub !!!

OH and in case any of you are wondering when i will officially claim the prisoner........ On Sunday March 2 at 7 pm drakor will present himself at our door for 168 hours ....... 7 days .. unless of course he finds some excuse to avoid the sentence............

oh damn shoot me now...... i forgot to mention that Sir posted a picture of some Valentine's gifts we gave each other....... talk about great minds thinking a like......... you can check out his blog HERE


drakor66 said...

Excuses , hmmm nope now so far !

swan said...

Congratulations! Have great fun.


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