Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A mini rant.....

i realized this morning - as i was reading through my blogs...... that i have very few (a handful really) of dominant blogs that i read. On the other hand i have more submissive blogs than i can read in a day.

So i decided to do a search and find some dominant blogs .......... level out the playing field so to speak.

Ok.. what is going on here folks?? Dominants don't have anything to say?? or am i just looking in all the wrong places. Even the Dominant blogs i do have - they post less than regularly - one gentleman hasn't posted in over a year... another gentleman i visited semi regularly has disappeared (of course i could have missed the announcement of his moving) ........ Don't tell me we submissives keep them so busy they have no time to write!!! come on......... every Dominant is THAT busy ?? i don't think so !!!

Another thing i noticed in my quest....... are the images associated with different searches.. plunk in female dominant and get pictures like this..........

Plunk in male dominants and get pictures like this.............

And while i am on the subject of wiggly jiggly bits....... what is it with BDSM 'dating' blogs where again the Dominants are so busy showing off the family jewels that they forget to check the spelling in their profiles / activity lists??

Ok so what is going on here?? i thought women were the ones accused of body image problems.. seems to me some males have the opposite problem........ AND what self respecting submissive/slave would contact a male Dominant who thought that his small head would attract more interest than His philosophies and beliefs in the lifestyle?? Am i missing something here??

Someone enlighten me.. am i just looking in all the wrong places???

(ohhhhhhh and before anyone starts jumping to conclusions ........ NO i am NOT looking for a new dominant.. actually Sir and i are looking for a new submissive.. but don't get me started on their wiggly jiggly bits!!)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I LOVED this - and you are bringing up something D. actually noticed a while ago - he pointed out that doms don't post! and their blogs are made up primarily of crap they've pulled from elsewhere.

Which begs the question - WHY? Are they afraid of being exposed for being idiots? is the whole 'strong, silent' concept gone to their head (their little one and I don't mean their penis LOL)

And don't get me started on "standalone" penises - ... I did an entire rant on it back when I was blogging!

be well - loved the laugh this morning.


CLoud said...

Well I agree a Dominant should have some mystery about them slaves well they should be naked. So as you say wiggly bits hidden for Dominants yes all for it.

As for posting well this Dom posts when he has something interesting to say . Seems your Dom has not posted in a while so it could be a condition of domming I suppose.

padme amidala said...

Our blog is a couple's blog and my Master does post but not as frequently as I do. He's also started doing the HNT series each week so he'll at least have one post a week. He's also done a "ask anakin" series for people to ask him questions about the bdsm lifestyle.
He tried to start a "mean old man's blog" for dominant men but no one would post on it and he was hoping it would encourage them to speak out more but it didn't work so it got deleted.
Maybe he'll start a dominant man's blog. He's a great writer and I enjoy his posts a lot. :)
I also noticed not enough dominant men's blogs.
padme amidala


I do agree, there are far more blogs from bottoms and subs than tops and Dommes. But I find the biggest gap is in the non pro or performer female tops and dommes (as in a female blogger who whups mens butts just for the fun of it). Can you name? one, I can't.


swan said...

I'm with you on this one. There are very few Dominants who write. Of the few who do write, most are total, complete, absolute idiots without the good sense to come in out of the rain, or enough intellect to compose a coherent sentence. Your Sir writes now and again. My Master writes a bit here every once in awhile. Somehow they seem less driven to pour words out into the world. Why is that do you think?


T said...

Because they are too busy beatin' the crap out of y'all to find time to write about it!

T's 2 cents for grins & giggles

kJbrowneyedgirl said...

i SOOOO loved this post!


i enjoy your wit and your wisdom, keep it up... teaches us "newbies" a thing or two.


Anonymous said...

T's answer cracked me up. It's probably true! :D

As for the pro-domme blog, there is Mistress Matisse. She's a great writer. (if that's what you were asking? I wasn't sure if you were asking because there aren't any pro-domme blogs or because there are too many. If it's too many, then

I wonder if it's because Doms don't seem to question or struggle like we do? Or if they do, actually admitting it seems to equal a weakness of some sort? (not that it does, but I think they think so.)

I have no comment on the wiggly jigglies. I like wiggly jigglies! ;-)


Raja said...

I believe there are many reasons for the discrepancy you point out, a few of them mentioned in these comments. Here are a few additional thoughts...

The overall quality and intelligence of male doms is very disappointing. Of course, I have a tremendous respect for Sir, and He is a glaring exception to that generality, but I think very few of them have the capacity, intelligence, and awareness (in a Dostoevskyan sense) to be able to express their life-experiences and reflections in a coherent and meaningful manner.

I believe that within the context of power exchanges, the depth of the submissive experience is significantly greater than the eroticism of the dominant experience, and hence, makes it a richer human experience to express and share with others.

I believe that smart, competent, and aware male dominants are careful about documenting their lifestyle in our uncreasingly litigatious world, especially considering the social perceptions (which are unfortunately based on real social statistics)that a woman top/male bottom relation is sick but surely consensual, but a male top/female bottom is abuse.

I do think that there is expectation of invulnerability in male doms by many women, which may be betrayed by revealing what is the obvious truth. A male dominant does need to find a special, intelligent, understanding, and aware female submissive to bring out the best of him AND allow him to not be super-heroe perfect. In other cases, the insecurities, personal issues, and shallowness of so many self-appointed male dominants would bring to light the truth behing many of them. Finally, at the best of times, vanilla or BDSM, only a few exceptional individuals would admit to their own struggles and imperfections.

I do think that the intoxicating power of topping, by a male or female, quickly brings one to extend their sights onto other potential participants, while the submissive is usually much more focused on the person at the source of his/her experience. Expressing this dichotomy may be very hurtful for submissives. Submissiveness is a much more singular experience, and this is why stables for dominants are not uncommon, but submissives serving several tops are.

As for stand-alone penises, well, most guys are f***ing idiots when it comes to relationships... at any stage. Perhaps that works in the gay BDSM community, in which I am not involved, but I would be surprised to learn that in the hundreds of thousands of pictures going around relation websites each day, vanilla or lifestyle, a stand-alone penis picture was the deciding factor in getting a woman to contact the poster. Then again, with so many guys for whom the universe revolves around their privates, and considering what little else they have to offer, perhaps it is best that they keep living that illusion to maintain a modicum of confidence...

And while I think being too busy flogging a sub is a wonderful excuse for not writing, there isn't a time management issue that an extended immobilizing bondage session can't fix... I do believe the issue lies in other places.

Warmest regards you and Sir,
Both of you have been missed.


littleone said...


good lord is it really YOU??!!!! and no way of contacting You either :( :(

should You come back and check.. please email me.. i miss you and yours..... miss your news.. miss your insightful advise !!!

morningstar (owned by Warren)

lili said...

i agree with what Master Raja says, because He and i have seen many instances of the stand-alone penis.

What's with the stand-alone penis? Does it talk? Does it do tricks? It's like the pictures of peoples pets that they put up on the internet. The stand-alone penis is a total turn off for me. i'm more interested in what's going on in the head that's on their shoulders, not the one in their pants.

As Master Raja always says, the sexiest organ on the human body is in between your ears, it's called Y/your brain.

Personally, morningstar, i think that you and i have the worlds best Dom's. Never heard of any two Doms more conscious of making sure that we have the care we need. Master Raja is so busy that i'm grateful for any time that I can get, so he rarely would have time to document all of the wonderful tortures that he gives me. That might be one explanation for not seeing more Dom blogs.

i miss you morningstar. Master Raja and i speak about you on a regular basis. i love your blog, it's awesome! It makes it so that you're not too far away.

Much Love,

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