Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday Sir accused me of bitching........ i won't even try to paraphrase His blog entry... You can read "Bitch Bitch Bitch" .....

But honestly folks.. i don't think i was being overly bitchy....... not me !!! goodness i don't bitch!!! i suggest, i hint.. i beg.. i cajole.. but i don't bitch!!!

And that is exactly what i did last evening when Sir decided that seeing as "i" had brought the lexan cane upstairs (ok ok what WAS i thinking ???!!!! silly silly subbie !!) i must really want a good caning. i suggested to Sir that perhaps we should re-visit this whole caning method...... i hinted that perhaps Sir needed to go a little slower.. i begged that Sir go a little easier, letting me catch my breath between swats.. i cajoled Sir to think about using the crop instead of the lexan cane (after all the lexan cane HAD been used in the afternoon immediately following a cupping session....... how mean was that??!! and perhaps the crop could be used instead)

Sir ordered me over the ottoman.......... and He picked up the lexan cane....... before the first swat i was already whining and wiggling and complaining...... i held my breath......... i waited.. and waited.. and waited some more.

Finally i turned my head to see what Sir was doing. He was tapping the lexan cane against my ass.......... but so lightly i could barely feel it. tap tap tap tap.. i started to panic. Sir is NEVER that nice .......... EVER !!! i was waiting for the swing and follow through...... but He kept it up.. tap tap tap tap.. till i thought i was gonna scream !!!

i knelt up... picked up the good old fashioned leather crop.. and handed it to Him.. and said .. in my sweetest subbie voice.. "ohhhhhhh for goodness sakes - use this .. give me a good warm up.. and then go for it!" (exasperation does weird things to this subbie brain)

Sir started in with the crop........... tap tap tap?? not on your life.. whallop whallop whallop.. up and down my ass.. making sure that every second swat hit the sweet spot on first one side of my ass then the other..

i wasn't able to catch up - never mind keep up. i was wiggling and stamping my foot on the floor... and yes yes swearing under my breath... This was not fun........ and isn't it always supposed to be fun for the subbie?? isn't that written somewhere??

After a fast and furious start, Sir went back to the lexan cane........ there is something about that monster....... i know i am not going to do it credit.......... but a sound.. a sound that no other toy comes close to making.. and a feel....... definitely not a thud.. a sting.. but oh so much more than a sting.... and deep?? oh my god it goes deep .......... and no matter how long Sir goes at it.. no matter how high i fly.. the pain from the lexan cane is something that never gets any better !!!

At one point Sir was using both the lexan cane and the crop across my ass...

At another point Sir was using just the crop as fast .. as hard.. and as mean as He could.. and it felt absolutely luxurious compared to the lexan monster

In between times Sir would make me crawl over to Him and give Him a hug.. each time He did that .. i thought it was over.. and it made me want to cry.. i wanted more.. yes more.. what can i say??!!

When it was over.. and the canes were tossed to the ground and i was wrapped up tight in Sir's arms.. i wondered what the sound was that comes from the lexan cane.. what was the sound??!!! How could i describe the noise it makes that drives absolute fear into my heart.......... from a simple sound.. a twing.. or maybe a twang.. something.. but what it is exactly i may never be able to describe...........

This morning i am thinking........ i really must do a blog entry on 'Sensuous caning'........ someone .. some dominant somewhere... might just read it.. take it to heart ... and one poor subbie may be saved.............

There is no saving me.......... i am doomed to cursing the canes.. and loving the Man who pushes me harder each time..........


Sir said...

I never do anything mean, that wouldn't be a good Dom now wouldn't?

Owner of morningstar

Slave2JS said...

i just found your blog, and this post resonated so much with me. My Owner does the same thing with the cane...the tap...tap...tap...and you never know when the WHACK is going to come. You are right, the sound is very hard to describe...from the whoosh of the wind as it gets ready to hit, to the whack as it hits the skin...either sound can be terrifying, but often leads to very rewarding times afterwards.

Thanks for this entry. i look forward to reading more.


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