Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Match up

Do you remember playing the game "match up" when you were a kid?? There were all these cards shuffled and placed face down on the table.. and you took turns turning one card over and then another - if they matched you took them off the board and placed them proudly in a pile in front of you. The winner was the one who had the most matched pairs in front of them.

i was thinking yesterday how difficult it is to find a partner in the lifestyle. It can be so much like the match up game from childhood. There are checklists galore to go through with your prospective partner.. matching up the things you like.. the things you don't like... the things you would never ever do. Match - no match - match - match match - no match. And at the end of the process you can have a delightful winning hand where both win..... or a losing hand where there just aren't enough matches to make a relationship.

Ok ok i am simplifying a rather long and tedious process...... and the matches are much more than just the "you like .. i like" sort of things. There are distances to take into consideration, belief systems, compatibility in general. Oh the list is endless.

Even as a child i found the whole game tedious and a bit boring. i never fully understood the process. As an adult i want to skip the process and move right on to meeting...... checking out the prospective partner...... do we click or not??

Yesterday i was reading one of my regular blogs - A View from the Floor - and nodding and agreeing with her thoughts on the word "true"......... and i realized that too has a bearing on the match process.... true slave - true Dominant...... BUT what is true?? is a true slave someone who can refer to themselves in the 3rd person?? who never forgets the Sir/ Ma'am ?? who uses eye restrictions?? who kneels and never grows weary of kneeling?? Is this all another game of match up??? Do we click on the number of protocols we believe in??

ughhhhhhh it makes me weary to think about it all.... match no match...... match.

Aren't we lucky - those of us who have partners - that the match games are over for us?? or was it the match game that you enjoyed the most?? "the mating dance" as i call it...... i guess in a lot of ways i don't have the patience for all those match games...... the fun for me is in the finished product........and the tweaking that comes after the matching......

What say you??


drakor66 said...

I believe that we are paler shades of true as that book does not exist what we are is in our own mind.

The hunt for a partner can be tedious and boring at the same time fun you do meet a lot of people ones you would not have had the first one been perfect. then of course do you settle for less than your ideal. Someone who gets a 60% on your scale. Others get a 99% but that one percent in a couple of weeks is so important to you that it drags it all down.

Of course slave auctions might be better if you do not have a long list of needs. Then we all would have to agree on protocols ,rules in Quebec the buyer has ten days to give it back all if in Ontario do you charge pst or not. Perhaps the hunt is the best thing. Once we have found it work at it to keep it.

Anonymous said...

i read ' view from the floor' last night too, and i also found myself nodding and agreeing. in my situation, i never went out looking for a Master... i met my Master online and we became friends.. He never told me about this lifestyle until about a year later,... i was interested, mostly because as i learned more and more about it, i knew that this is what i was looking for- what i wanted and needed but i just didnt really know it existed. as for matching- we do.. i mean not every little thing- i dont think there is anyone that has exactly the same likes and dislikes- but for the most part we match...the rules i follow are Masters rules, no one elses...not from a book or manual explaining how to be a "true Master" or a " true slave"...Master knows exactly what He wants and how He wants it, and believe me, He gets it...lol. we were also friends first, which made a big difference to me. i respect Him and i love Him and i know He will be my only Master ( cause i KNOW He will never get tired of me and release me- im just too darn sweet...lol) anyway, thats my two-cents worth.. warm hugs, Hisflower

swan said...

I'm not sure the "matching" game IS over. Of course, it isn't the same as it was when we were new... We know and understand so much of the basis of our relatedness now, but I wonder if we aren't still redefining ourselves day by day, and week by week, and still matching and re-matching as we try to shift and adjust to the realities of our own lives...


Buffalo said...

I'm confused.

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